Mels drive in movie

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In fact, the choices of American-style food were almost endless. At the beginning of Graffiti, the main characters are all introduced one-by-one, as each shows up at the local carhop drive-in. This pic was taken facing south sometime around It's round shape suggested the mobility of a flying saucer ready to spin off into outer space.

Mels drive in movie

However, thanks to the everlasting popularity of Lucas' tribute to his teenage years, the intriguing original structure, that once stood in a large parking lot in San Francisco, has become an icon and will continue to be the object of intrigue, fascination, and appreciation, for folks like myself, for a long, long time. Even though the story is set in Modesto, California, the scenes at the carhop eatery were actually filmed at the very first Mels drive-in, formerly located at South Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco, California. This pic was taken facing south sometime around Richard Dreyfuss, arms crossed, attempts to stay warm between filming scenes at the drive-in. The crew returned the following Monday on the 17th to film the interior scenes and exteriors such as Curt talking on the phone. If you were African American, you faced bigotry and discrimination from a society that was ruled by those who were predominantly male and pale. Here you'll find an enormous wealth of accurate and well-researched info on the George Lucas directed film including personal interviews, car information, film analysis, original newspaper clippings and other articles written by me. When we think about and discuss America in the s we tend to associate the era as a pleasant time when things were much simpler and teen culture was defined by greasers, hot-rods and rock and roll music. A typical afternoon crowd at Mels. Witnessing the growth of the automobile culture, Mel Weiss and Harold Dobbs began expanding the San Francisco-car service based restaurant into a successful chain. In a interview with the Modesto Bee, Mel Weiss recalled that when the carhop eatery first opened he and his partner expected only modest success. In fact, the choices of American-style food were almost endless. The location became a Pacific Stereo store for many years beginning in the lates, but then reverted to it's iconic self once more in , before the turn of the century. However, much to their surprise the restaurant was a hit from the start. You may also like Located at Geary Blvd. The grand opening of the enormous restaurant took place two days before Christmas on December 23, Dobbs, Began Famed Drive-in Eatery. More than were arrested. About two years later the 3rd Mel's in San Francisco opened for business. Longtime Milner Coupe owner Rick Firgari shared a couple of incredible pics of the movie car parked at the location of the first Mels in a parking space after the restaurant had been torn down. Many of these demonstrators were students at Cal Berkeley or S. Its round shape made it look like a flying saucer ready to spin off into outer space. Some Black carhops and bartenders were hired immediately. Our problem revolved pretty much around our waitress.

Mels drive in movie

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