Marriage after 3 years

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Additionally, this is the stage when familiarity with each other leads to memory loss regarding events such as wedding anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Christmas and even birthdays. These traits will take you a long way down your road of matrimony. Combat this newlywed issue by scheduling date nights and adhering to them.

Marriage after 3 years

Both partners may also be more comfortable, leading to less time dressing up and more time spent in pajamas. Remember the importance of keeping the fire alive in your relationship and practice patience and forgiveness. You only say "I Love you" in reply when your partner says it Not bothered if you cancel or have to rearrange a date or meal out Perhaps you have even alienated your close friends and are starting to miss your single life. Watches TV or uses the mobile halfway through a conversation with you Forgetting important dates No longer bothering with Valentine's Day 9. Don't exchange information about what has happened that day Who makes more money? If your personalities clashed when you were dating, odds are that this will not change just because you are now married. In-laws The annoying in-laws are not always a marriage myth, unfortunately. Ditching matching underwear In-laws may be critical of a new husband or wife, may push for grandchildren, and add unnecessary stress and division between the family and your marriage. This will help you feel happy and fulfilled in all aspects of your personal relationships. Perhaps, your partner is irresponsible with their spending and is plummeting your good credit score into debt. Forgetting to say thank you This will clear up any confusion about where you see your lives going. Household bickering Small arguments about household chores may now become part of your newlywed vocabulary. For some, this takes some of the fun out of the mating ritual. Disagreements about taking out the trash, putting compost together, laundry, and even changing the toilet paper roll will become small nags that roll off your tongue. Not the dating aspect, but the aspect of adventure lurking around every corner. You don't religiously apply make-up before seeing each other Forgetting to say thank you for dinner You agree not to exchange birthday or Christmas presents anymore You stop kissing each other goodbye 5. You are bored It could be that you thought you were ready for a stable lifestyle, but in reality, you are missing the single life.

Marriage after 3 years

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  1. The first few years of marriage are a rollercoaster of getting used to one another and learning how to cohabitate.

  2. You are bored It could be that you thought you were ready for a stable lifestyle, but in reality, you are missing the single life. Saying things like "I love you" as habit rather than meaning it

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