Maria eva indonesian sex scandal video

So are extra-marital affairs. Yet anyone who has spent any time in Indonesia knows that this prudish public culture bears little relation to how many Indonesians actually live their lives. Though he seemed to have put the video behind him, his personal matters were still a source of public controversy Yutina was one participant in a large demonstration shortly after the election calling for the local council to refuse to swear him in.

Maria eva indonesian sex scandal video

All the more so when those caught out are in positions of authority. At the same time, male politicians are often involved in sexual relationships that might fall short of out-and-out commercial sex but that nevertheless have a strong element of commercial exchange: Another case involving a woman politician occurred in in the famously resource-rich district of Kutai Kertanegara in East Kalimantan. Eva's lawyer, Ruhut Sitompul, said Golkar figures had sent her an open plane ticket and told her to leave for Singapore for her safety. There was a time when Indonesian political leaders strove to achieve qualities of dignified detachment and calm poise in their public presentation. There is strong pressure from extremists, and even from moderate Islamic groups, to merge mosque and state by having Islamic Sharia law imposed nationwide. Despite the fact that pornography is still often described as a threat that emanates from outside the country, politician sex videos are only a tiny fraction of the Indonesian pornography that now circulates on the internet. Eva has appeared in several miniseries, including the Islamic-oriented Divine Blessing soap opera. In this regard, then, the sex videos are just one part of the hidden side of electioneering in Indonesia. In private and often semi-public situations, ribald sexual innuendo and joking is part of everyday conversation. Morality is also behind a controversial push for an immediate anti-pornography bill. Eva said Mr Zaini had financed her first album. Unfortunately for the legislator caught with his pants down, a member of the Golkar Party of former dictator Suharto, not only did he head the party's spiritual affairs department and religious affairs committee, which has responsibility for moral issues, but he was also a backer of the draconian Anti-Pornography Law. Since that time a gossamer curtain of propriety has fallen over discussion of sexual matters in formal political settings. The rise of the politician sex video has happened at the same time that there has been an explosion of technology-facilitated, home-grown and mostly DIY pornography in Indonesia. The politician, Yahya Zaini, is parliamentary secretary of the Golkar Party, the biggest in Indonesia, and head of its religious affairs committee, which has responsibility for moral issues. Mr Zaini, who is married, flew back from a parliamentary study tour in Australia at the weekend, as news of the tape spread. Many have playboy reputations but none has been caught on tape. Over the last ten years, there have been about a dozen cases in which local government heads governors, district heads and mayors have been captured on film either having sex or in states of undress with members of the opposite sex, with those films then being distributed on the internet, between mobile telephones, via DVDs and by other means. Advertisement Mr Kalla said the facts had to be verified before determining if any action should be taken against the married politician. I know the recording of the indecent scene was two years ago," Ms Eva said. Yahya resigned from his positions in Golkar; Maria Eva later unsuccessfully tried to run as the district head of Sidoarjo in East Java. They fear that the state will take control of the private lives of individuals. It was later reported that she had tried to convince a local production company to release the two-year-old video commercially. Many Indonesian women from all walks of life have been brought up to connect sexuality with love, and engage in sexual activities only with the man they love, presumably their husband.

Maria eva indonesian sex scandal video

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  1. Sex videos are thus just one part of a wider set of underhanded strategies that candidates can use against their rivals.

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