Male to female transformation stories sex

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I was aghast to discover that my penis had been tucked tightly back between my legs. First Angie helped to put on a white bodyshaper, which had underwired pretty stretch lace bra cups and lacy side panels. I found myself completely under the control of my female hormones, which now filled my body. The reason why you are here is not for you to question. I could feel Douglas's response through my dress.

Male to female transformation stories sex

My chest was already showing small swellings around my nipples indicating that I was already developing breasts. She smiled again and said, "Very well done. I put them on and Angie handed me a pair of pink trainers for my feet. But my reflection told me that it had not been a dream. This too made my even smoother between my legs but it felt baggy at the top, as I had no breasts as yet. The effect was to give me the appearance of having a reasonable pair of boobs and a cleavage that was real. It was only when Douglas had slid his hand between my legs that we both realised that I could not do what we both wanted. Angie studied my breasts and tucked some tissues inside the bra cups. I was aghast to discover that my penis had been tucked tightly back between my legs. She came towards me with a syringe and I felt it prick my arm. As I did so Douglas put his hands on the back of my head and pulled my head into his groin forcing me to take his penis fully into my mouth. Instead Douglas said that he would like a cup of coffee and had me make us both a cup. Even if you find it hard to believe now, your female body will sexually arouse men and when that happens you will have to submit to their desires. I felt my chest and it was true. The man, whom Angie called, Douglas, watched while Angie began to cut my beard with scissors. I tried to respond by letting my head rest on his shoulder. When she had finished she smiled and said to Dr. She handed me a pair of sheer grey tights and told me to put them on. Misty and Douglas looked at me and voiced their approval. Finally there was a wide black elasticated belt to help pull my waist in and a pair of black patent leather sandals with a 2-inch heel. It also had the effect of squeezing my developing breasts upwards and giving me something of a cleavage. The sooner you accept that you are a very attractive girl the sooner you will be able to enjoy life fully. There was a large mirror on the wall opposite and as I caught a glimpse of my reflection I was startled to see how feminine I already looked. Some dealt with fashion hints while others covered cosmetics and jewellery. I looked into the mirror and my reflection showed me that with my hair now dyed auburn and with my fingers and toes painted I looked even more feminine. I accepted Angie's suggestion of a salad, as part of my diet.

Male to female transformation stories sex

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  1. The skirt was lined with pink silk and it had a wide neckline and little puff sleeves.

  2. When she was satisfied with what she had done she said something to Douglas and he wheeled a trolley over to the bed. Based on the measurements taken so far my hips and bottom had already gotten bigger while my arms and shoulders had become thinner and narrower.

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