Living with a sexually abused spouse

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It will be about encouraging one another to take the next step. Clinical psychologist, author, founder of DrPsychMom. Also, the men do not have any psychological training, and are unaware about how trauma works, and how it leads to post-traumatic stress disorder. It is something so out of the ordinary, that it forever changes how you view yourself and the world. So her brain just didn't do the same trauma response.

Living with a sexually abused spouse

A lot of people do not want to know or believe some of the horrible crimes perpetrated against children and you also may find it difficult. You may have strong reactions yourself to hearing the denials, putdowns and lies, but it is very important that you don not act in any way without their permission. It can be a measure of work well done! Even if the partner of a survivor is a counsellor, they cannot be expected to counsel their own. It is something so out of the ordinary, that it forever changes how you view yourself and the world. You may have already found that more emotional chaos and less control is experienced as work commences. The buried trauma and related feelings are rising to the surface and instead of engaging his or her defences; your partner is allowing this distress to live and the pain suffered by their inner child to at last be heard. Often at the heart of this dynamic is a victim's sense of being unworthy of love; coupled with the fact that betrayal has significantly damaged trust. For your partner to tell you of the abuse and find that your love for them is not diminished can be deeply valued. Usually it is not until every other option has been exhausted, that couples consider the possibility that abuse in childhood is the cause. If the child did disclose, the abuser and usually other people, will have blamed the child or insisted that the child was a liar or foolish. This can be especially true during healing when fear and pain is close to the surface and not fully understood. The reason most people never talk about traumatic events, especially sexual abuse, is that it makes them feel ashamed. Make sure you know beforehand how much they want you to say or do, or whether you are there just to provide silent support. When upset, threatened, or sexually aroused, even in minor ways, survivors may 'click out'. The secrecy and sense of shame further isolated the child from family and friends. If they were freed, though, after the war, they got migraines again. Also, your wife is no longer in subconscious abject terror that she will never find anyone to marry because she is so dirty and broken. I've met [family members who abused wife]. Encourage your partner to laugh and to take breaks from it all. For many couples struggling with difficulties in their relationship, the here and now conflicts monopolise their attention. If your wife had been unable to have a male touch her at all during courtship, this would have been an emotional death sentence for her, nobody would have married her, she would be unable to find a loving relationship in which she could finally feel secure and loved. Your honest support can help to reverse the damage and restore their trust in life and their self. Children who are being abused cannot afford to feel the full range of feelings in their bodies. An adult survivor who still represses their feelings may suffer from depression, nightmares, panic attacks or dissociation. The sense of shame and the fear of losing your love may be too great in the early stages; however, once the feelings of shame, blame and guilt have been resolved it is common for survivors to be able to disclose what is necessary when and if appropriate.

Living with a sexually abused spouse

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  1. Often at the heart of this dynamic is a victim's sense of being unworthy of love; coupled with the fact that betrayal has significantly damaged trust. Intimacy may have become a problem area in your relationship.

  2. Most modern therapy no longer requires survivors to recall detail; doing so can re-traumatise the victim and hinder progress. In many cases the child and now the adult will go numb or dissociate from their body.

  3. Everyone comes to relationships with some baggage from their past and although yours may not be to do with childhood abuse, it will be there nonetheless. It may take time for you to understand or fully accept your partner's experience but it is crucial that you believe them.

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