Linda goodman libra woman

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Aside from the typical Libra penchant for weighing everything twice to make sure she didn't miss a point, she can be quite a lot of woman for a man who's interested in romance or companionship or both. They hate exaggeration, and they're repelled by embarrassing displays of anger and passion, though they themselves can be guilty of both extremes if they're pressed beyond their endurance. The happy ending to the story is this: Ignore the first and hang on to the second.

Linda goodman libra woman

He's just gathering himself together. However, there may be just a touch of the oriental motif. And hand round the refreshments! But you will barely notice her hard head when it wears such pretty hair-dos. There's an intangible empathy between air signs. The Libra executive is normally one half of a partnership since his unconscious desire is always to bring two things or two people together. Soft light, mellow music, interesting conversation, good food and fine wines turn him on. The cleaning woman finally makes up her mind. Their heads are too hard and too bright to submit to the soft rays of Venus without a fight, another of Libra's strange inconsistencies. To a Libra woman, there's no such thing as what she thinks is right. There will always be a definite attitude at any given moment. Most Librans have a fantastic ability to concentrate and to ponder deep subjects. Flighty, rash, impulsive people who don't stop to consider the consequences give them the jitters. Born with a natural affinity for the element of air, the Libran accomplishes even frenzied action with so much easy grace, he almost seems to be standing still. Her charming social graces may fool the customers and clients, but if you've worked for her any length of time, you'll be aware that her graceful sweetness covers a mind which doesn't miss a trick or a treatment. The colors will harmonize, and the furniture will be in good taste. The men employees react as you might expect. If so, you're much mistaken. In the discipline area she's somewhat harsher than the male Libran. He wants to please you, but there's seldom enough under-standing of your silent hopes to satisfy all your longings unless there's a water sign on the ascendant, or the Moon is in a water sign. First o ie side is low, then the other. Usually, they avoid serious breakdowns of body and mind. Though he'll argue until hell freezes over, his purpose is not to dig out personal motives, but to dwell on abstract theories so that he can reach a balanced judgment. Even the most controlled Venus men and women dislike making instant decisions without taking all the possibilities into consideration. I won't change my mind. Rarely do they escape the influence of the arts. Still, there's that smile, the respect you have for his quiet intelligence, and his willingness to meet you halfway.

Linda goodman libra woman

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