Kktv school closures

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If your morning school bus pickup time is 6: If a child is scheduled on a route that has been canceled, the parent may bring the child to school in a private vehicle providing the student is taken home by the same method. Additionally, some afternoon Middle School and High School bus routes may be combined with students at Summit Elementary. Designation of responsible adult for early release shall be made at time of student enrollment. Afternoon School Buses will depart school and drop off students at the same time as a normal day.

Kktv school closures

Morning AM preschool will be canceled. Working together and understanding the procedures to be followed, not only can assure the safety of our children, but it can bring, you as parents, peace of mind knowing that your child has been taken care of properly. In addition, the District 20 Transportation Department performs the following: Academy District 20 has at least four unique climatological areas, with significant potential for weather differences among Rockrimmon, Briargate, Black Forest and Gleneagle. Parents should make previous arrangements for their child if there is no one at home on early release days. Has staff members drive on district streets between 2: Safety skills needed during bad weather should be reviewed frequently. Subsequently, if conditions or forecast conditions indicate weather safety concerns in any of these areas, decisions will apply towards the entire district as well as all out-of-district programs serviced by the transportation department. Designation of responsible adult for early release shall be made at time of student enrollment. The decision whether schools will be open or closed will be made prior to 7: The school should be notified according to the usual absence reporting requirements. Parents and staff should insist that students be dressed appropriately. Receives up-to-the-minute weather updates from local weather consultants. On these days, Middle School and High School students will get dropped off at their bus stop later than normal. On days when conditions at 5: The absence of a publicized decision should be interpreted as a decision to have school. Students will not be penalized for their absence under these circumstances. On occasion, school will be held but some bus routes may be modified because those busses anticipate hazardous conditions, while others do not. Announcements will be made over area radio and television stations. Morning AM kindergarten will not be canceled. Please take the time to read the information on emergency closing below. All district buildings will be closed. School will be held if at all possible once the school day has started. If your morning school bus pickup time is 6: Parents also need to consider individual circumstances such as walking distance to the bus or school, bus shelter, size, age, and condition of child, clothing, etc. Taking the time to acquaint ourselves with the procedures of the policy will assure the safety of our children.

Kktv school closures

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  1. Parents are advised to provide their younger children with an early release plan in the event they cannot meet their children at home.

  2. Schools will be dismissed approximately two hours early and school buses will drop off students at their normal bus stops.

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