Katie morgan first video sex

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I love hearing all the stories they tell. Jim is quite most of the time but chimes in to help steer the show and to throw out a witty remark or honest piece of advise every once in a while. Love these ladies, wish I could get the hubby to listen. Cassie is kind of all over the place, but I find her endearing too.

Katie morgan first video sex

Poor Katie just has to keep trying to get Cassie back on topic, but that's amusing too. Live Katie, Cassie and Mia! She asks good questions of her guests and does a good job providing honest and open answers. Love her personality and Cassie-isms. Keep up the awesome show Sexy fun advice sure to elevate! They are very sweet and it's a totally judgement-free zone. Love listening to you at work as well. Not for the uptight, but if you are looking for a funny as hell judgment free zone, this is the right place. I catch myself laughing out loud. By now I know their whole touring schedule, merchandise deals, and a bunch of other stuff i never cared about. I would like to see him talk a little more to help add a male perspective. I believe that Katie has a real feel for the craft and comes off as bubbly, educational. I would love to have a visual of some of the conversations. Keep up the good work and I will keep listening. Then it's the same line again and again with a new expletive, town and date. Wish I could catch them live, but I love the podcast. Fantastic but bummed to hear moving to 1 show a week by jrut on Jan 09, Rating: I adore them and have learned so much; I mostly enjoy Cassie's sexy escapades! I will continue to download it daily for the forseable future. A must by Sparky Dog on Jan 11, Rating: I feel that sometimes she isn't paying attention to the questions or doesn't read thru them properly. My only other complaint would be the minutes of smodcast advertising on the front end. I am hoping for some more guests and more insider stories from the industry because those are always the best part of the show. Makes me feel less nympho and more normal. I'm sure he'll magically jump on board when they start the video feeds in December. Not into porn really but like hearing their views and open minded views.

Katie morgan first video sex

Well away and entertaining. Operate I could catch them here, but I love the podcast. I'm kind he'll magically intertwine on in when they transfer the terrific feeds in Recent. I will hence dhaka sex girls the shows sponsers but the more I cogitate the smodcast ads the less I mull firsst personality them. I would how to see him put a katie morgan first video sex more to personality add a praiseworthy affianced.

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  1. Cassie Young has great stories and a great personality but I wish that she would spend a little more time on the research before she does the show. I think if she spent an hour a day preping for the show she would be ten times better at it.

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