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If anyone has similar experienceas, let me know CM 10 November 09 I use to get ulcers from braces from punctures, I have crohns disease in my stomach and from what the doctor said in my mouth i have had it ever since i was born and i get them all the time in the back part of my mouth behind the back tooth. I can usually tell them apart, take valacyclovir, herpes med, for the ones that begin with the prodrome: They start out small then get huge!

Kanka walmart

So that's what works for me and wanted to share with you! Sharmcd 13 July 10 I have recent ally had a really bad mouth ulcer under my bottom lip and have had no idea how to get rid of it! Ulcer free for over a year now! Though I only rarely have ulcers once every months and use the stuff just as often. Good luck to everyone! I was given mulberry syrup to dab on them from the pharmacy in Turkey but when I went to Greece I was given Mundisal which offers instant relief but like all these things has to be applied often. One thing that did speedup the recover was the Boots own ulcer treatment. It doesn't take all the pain away but most of it. Appreciate all your treatment hints, I will try some of them! Then either brush your teeth or swill with mouthwash to remove any remaining bacteria. With the greatest respect to all of you, Im so relieved that I am not alone cause I am so down about them now. To sum it up it looks like without taking medicine I should avoid soy, tomatoes, and chocolate, all of which I have noticed reactions; and I should add to my daily routine a sea salt water mouth wash, put salt directly on big sores painful but may speed the healing process , L-lysine, B vitamins, all-natural toothpaste and have regularly pineapple, watermelon and lots of fresh vegetables. Had this for 5 days no so hopefully it'll be gone soon. Corlan pellets, Acid teratment Oralmedic or similar most gels: At this point, I'll try just about anything. After 3 days my ulcers were almost gone and have not returned for 13 weeks. Like a scraped knee, cankers need some care to heal quickly. I just started to take mg L-Lysine, let's see if it will have any effect. My doctor said that it was viral in my case I am going to try the suggestion for iodine on the ulcer - I have seen this used on other skin virus problems genital warts and it eliminates them in 24 hours. PetefromNorwich 2 November 09 Hey, Lots of good advice on here - I have a list of stuff that I havn't tried yet - I have had them for 6 years ever since I gave up smoking - Im currently on my 2nd dose of anti biotics that are not working - I have one that is an inch in diameter at the base of my tongue that is horrendously painful. This will keep the swelling down for about hrs. I probably wouldn't suggest it for anyone with a whole bunch of ulcers or ulcers recurring every week without asking a pharmacist or a doctor first. I hope all of you find the thing that works for you and hopefully some suggestions will help me. Vinod, Bangalore 8 May 10 im sick at the moment with a chest infection. Have got difflam throat spray and mouthwash and am avoiding things i know irritates but was wondering if anyone knew of anything else i could be doing to relieve the constant burning and irritabilty?

Kanka walmart

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  1. I've had them since last Thursday. I keep praying i will wake up and they will have gone.

  2. I currently have one huge one on inside of my lip and one on my tongue that hurts like pains going out of fashion.

  3. Kate 12 March 10 I have about 10 ulcer on the roof of my mouth and at the back of my throat at the mo. They start out small then get huge!

  4. The doc saw my mouth and was shocked and they were worried about my bloody bowl movements.

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