Julianne hough hacked photos

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They're not damaging in the least! PIN Oh my god, oh my god you guys. Oh, there's also a few shots of her in a bikini and lingerie, but no totally nude shots.

Julianne hough hacked photos

They're not damaging in the least! Now that would be awkward. How cute are those images of her and Ryan. Not that she should live her life cautiously and in fear of being hacked, but she made a good decision by keeping her cellphone pics pretty clean. Pin "We're simply here to facilitate the free flow of information from a place which was previously overlooked, Hollywood," a rep from the group told Gawker. Did Ryan Seacrest, king of all media and my heart , leak these photos of Julianne? From an '80s bikini to a Marilyn Monroe pose complete with a popped zit on her forehead, aww , the pics are calendar worthy. Hough was reportedly hacked by the Hollywood Hackers group. Which begs the question. And good for Julianne. Now before you get all worried about her squeaky-clean reputation: The personal pics are more silly than scandalous --Hough rocks a blond moustache in one and is shown kissing her boyfriend, Ryan Seacrest , in others. What do you think about the leaked photos? Julianne Hough, your favorite adorable blonde from Dancing With the Stars and mine, has been hacked. I know these two are soooo easy to make fun of, and I have no idea why I love them instead of loathe them, but there's something so lovable about them! They've also claimed responsibility for leaking other celebs' personal information, including Ashley Greene's phone number and the script for the upcoming Rock of Ages. We hope she feels outraged, but happy that she didn't take photos of herself and Seacrest in the buff. The photos are totally PG She looks great in every pic, so either Seacrest leaked them or her PR agent did. Do you think Julianne Hough's photos are that scandalous? Advertisement Because the 16 or so photos that were leaked are going to do nothing but help her image. Oh, there's also a few shots of her in a bikini and lingerie, but no totally nude shots. We've reached out to Hough's rep to get a statement on the leak. Not that her career would've been ruined with some full-frontal shots who knows? Aug 31, at 5: The bikini shots are no more revealing than some of her outfits for DWTS. Just me, I know.

Julianne hough hacked photos

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