Is he just using me

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And, you often head straight for the bedroom the moment you or he walks in the door. Don't think that you're different, or that these women don't know what they're talking about. Now, HOW can you really tell if a man is using you? You may even have to initiate most of your conversations.

Is he just using me

You should know your worth and understand that this kind of behavior is not acceptable by any means. If every time you kiss your man, he starts reaching for your x-rated body parts, then he may think that he should only kiss you for some sexy time. Does he discuss where things are headed with the two of you? And, being between the sheets with him seems to be the only real connection you actually have with this man yet after the act he always goes a little cold. Sure, he may tell you that he has to wake up wicked early. If he were any kind of man at all, he would never expect anything like that from you. If he immediately backs off, then you have a problem. A man can have sex with you and not have any feelings for you. A man can have sex with you and not have any feelings for you. Your guy should be super willing to have you meet his friends and eventually his family once things get serious. If you know that he has time to hang out with friends, go to sporting events, and spend hours watching TV with his brother, but when he's too busy to grab coffee on a Sunday afternoon, then he just doesn't want to make time for you. If that's the case, then you know where he goes when he falls off the radar for five days; and it's not just because he's having a crazy week at work. Your squad definitely notices how he always makes you pick up his tab at the bar, how he only comes around for a late night hookup, and how poorly he treats you overall. Move on and locate your self-esteem; put it back where it belongs, reclaiming your self-respect and keeping your sexuality, physical health, emotional sanity, and sense intact. If you've heard it from multiple people, then chances are, they're right. You can just be kissing when you're taking a walk, kissing in a dark bar, or just because you have the urge on a Monday morning. When you do try and turn the conversation on yourself, it always ends up quickly turning straight back to him and what HE wants to talk about. I know that doing some exploring of your deeper feelings and asking yourself the hard questions in life can be uncomfortable for many. Unless you think you can "tame" or "change" him, and you can't then these are bright red flags that say it's time to call it quits pronto. If he has told you that he's just into casual dating, that he doesn't have time for anything serious, or that he's just not a relationship kind of guy, then he probably meant it. The right guy will cater to your desires and will take pride in doing so. Usually, the time you spend together is just hanging out at each others' places. A self-centered guy only caters to his own ego. Is this balancing out with a whole lot of other activities together or is it the main or even only activity the two of you spend together? Can you actually have a future with this guy? Well, if he has specifically told you that he's essentially not interested in much more than sex, then you need to rethink your "relationship.

Is he just using me

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  1. Check out his profile and see if there are tons of girls messaging him, if he's flirting all over the Internet, and if there are dozens of photos with him looking booze addled and surrounded by scantily-clad women.

  2. This may seem like a no-brainer, but many women refuse to see what's right in front of their eyes, even if they hear it. Most likely not, meaning you need to start thinking about whether this relationship is worth the risk.

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