I only want him

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The pathways of the brain associated with romantic love intense attraction were still lit up as much as they are lit up for couples when they first fall in love in the initial months of the relationship, and in some cases, these couples showed more activity in the area of the brain associated with romantic love and intense attraction. Men can be really boring to be in a relationship with! You are a lot more than JUST elegant, for example. Evaluate yourself regularly to ensure you are improving and are moving forward internally and externally.

I only want him

What is the ONE thing you can say to ANY man that will capture his attention, trigger his curiosity and make him hang onto every word you say! And especially the man or woman we feel the most attraction for. Use the things he gives you BUT, instead of blaming him and arguing, just be calm and let the storm pass. Until that bombshell comes along. What are you going to do? Know your role A man wants to genuinely commit to you for the right reasons ie: And you really need to dig deep here, a lot of our most negative stories are etched deep in to our subconscious, after telling ourselves the same story for years and year on end. Take his problem solving advice I used to doubt it too — until I met my man. But by doing this, you just end up powerless and miserable. We all know someone like this. Just turn a blind eye to it like most women? The REAL change is in your mindset. You want someone who will make your own baggage seem inconsequential because it provides a sense of relief. Do you believe it is possible? Not a masculine man on earth will ever give up his freedom. Do it naturally, and he will appreciate you and think you are marriage material. Show him that you can let things go Or you just struggle to open up to him. You are a lot more than JUST elegant, for example. Maintain yourself physically and health wise, to prove you are willing to be the best you can be for him. Learn from your mistakes Challenge him He wants someone who can challenge him in all kinds of ways, such as challenging him to change or be better, challenging him to keep your interest etc… This keeps him glued to you, instead of having him interested in other women. Affection is becoming your currency. Men can be really boring to be in a relationship with!

I only want him

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