Husband throws tantrums

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I just wonder if any of you have gone through something similiar, and would this be considered emotional abuse? If we are, it will take every ounce of humility we've got, but in return, we get to participate in the great impersonation of Jesus Christ. She was firing back from the living room and I finally got fed up. I feel that at his age, he is unlikely to change. Get him to promise to try — that's the first step.

Husband throws tantrums

Finally, the boss called him on it and said he would have to learn to be "less demonstrative" because it made others uncomfortable. A moody, petulant, emotionally-immature husband who claims to love me but seems too caught up in his rigid thinking and expectations, and lack of emotional awareness to realize how hurtful some of his actions have been. I've always had some anxiety about being pregnant and giving birth biologically I was a preemie baby myself, and always have had a seemingly irrational fear of anything medical. If that doesn't work, the next step is up to you. He just needs to work on not freaking out in the first place. I should say she always gives as good as she gets, is not frightened of me at all and as a fitness freak could probably kick my ass if it came to that. I feel that at his age, he is unlikely to change. We should be thanking God every day for the blessing bestowed upon us. But a few years ago I asked the man in the mirror: I realize that's normal, but it's also the kind of thing that can harden couples over the years. The only red flags I noticed throughout this time pre-marriage and immediately after was that occasionally, something would upset him like someone parked in his apartment parking spot by accident and he freaked out; banging on the horn and yelling, until the sheepish car-owner came out of the building, apologized and offered to move his car, and my husband acted all normal then, smiling and saying, "Thanks! Again, we were still in a "puppy love" phase. Before we left that morning, just as I got in the car, my father-in-law, looking properly chastened, came up to the car and said, "I'm so sorry about what I said; things were said but I hope we can work through this. This wasn't what I envisioned when I made my marriage vows. We both instantly felt a connection. It has caused a rift between me and my girls. So lay out your reasons to your daughters. Am I hurting you? We were bickering about something and Raquel refused to listen to the points I was making from the kitchen. He'll give me the silent treatment and act passive-aggressive, or, if he's driving, he'll speed up and tailgate someone in front of him for a bit if he's angry about something. Send your dilemmas to damage globeandmail. Once, we were outside in the garden and he accidentally broke a handsaw--the ensuing yelling and cursing attracted stares from some young neighbor girls next door, who looked to be about the ages of 10 and 8. He pardoned someone who didn't deserve it, knowing that in doing so, there was a chance for us to experience real love. Opening doors, sending me flowers at work, saying he loved me; everyone commented on how pleasant and nice he was. Expect some slippage, some recidivism. My husband and I are having relationship issues and I don't know where to turn, but I thought I'd try this forum and see what you all think. She wants to be friends again.

Husband throws tantrums

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