Hudson valley airsoft

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The set is an urban environment with different structures and buildings. The arena measures roughly 65, sq. And when I say props, I mean vehicles, kill houses, and just about anything you may want in a game. The staff is friendly and well-trained and the arena is well-organized for a challenging game. The field measures about 22 acres and there is enough rubble and debris for everyone!

Hudson valley airsoft

Even more, the prices are affordable and they organize private parties from birthdays to team building sessions. The staff is very well-prepared and they offer rental equipment and training lessons for new-comers. The staff is well-trained and friendly and you can buy your gear from their local store. They are backed up by a huge online community of players and they organize some pretty cool events such as the Ballahack World Conflict organized every month. New York — Strikeforce Sports Website: They have their own store where you can gear up, but they also rent equipment so if you just drop by, you can still participate in a fun adventure. And when I say props, I mean vehicles, kill houses, and just about anything you may want in a game. They have over 15 game types and their staff is prepared to help in any situation that may arise. I love the flow of the game in this field and the fact that they organize Special Ops events every month. The area is sprinkled with obstacles and challenges in order to offer a realistic gameplay and they cater to both individual players and groups. The arena measures roughly 65, sq. The field consists of a 20, square foot arena with a pure industrial setting. Actually, the facility was specially designed to provide Government agencies with the right type of environment for training. Finally, to keep their customers entertained, they offer a large variety of airsoft guns and organize cool events on a regular basis. Watch video gameplay here: Overall, the field is well-organized, the scenarios are challenging, and the safety standards are up to speed with current regulations. The field is great for both pros and beginners as they offer assistance in choosing the gear and supplies. The terrain is challenging enough for all ages and levels of experience, and the scenarios are very interesting. Overall, this is a great airsoft field for anyone who wants to try their luck with an indoor location. New York — Rochester Airsoft Website: The arena also offers rental equipment and there are refreshments available on-site. According to reviews, the staff is highly professional and very friendly; always trying to help and improve the airsoft experience. The cool thing is that they also offer training sessions, so you can go with your airsoft team and use the terrain for training. New York — Buffalo Battleground Website: The enormous amount of space allows for both long-range and CQB engagements, and there are plenty of buildings and props you can use for cover. Take a look and have your pick! There is an indoor CQB arena, which is 18, sq.

Hudson valley airsoft

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  1. The field is great for both pros and beginners as they offer assistance in choosing the gear and supplies. The scenarios are usually short and fun and the staff is always helpful.

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