How to tell your kids about separation

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Other children act up hoping the parents will come together to discuss their behaviour and they use bad behaviour to unite parents with a common goal. It is best if parents can sort this out between themselves. Moya has worked with children who have disabilities, delinquent children and children with emotional and behavioural problems. Or book a babysitter so R and I can spend a few hours together walking around, as a couple, in case we never go back to being one again.

How to tell your kids about separation

We can talk to her later," says R. End with another loving statement Suggestions: I will continue to take you to school, spend time together, do school work, play with you. Ask if they have any questions and give straight answers where possible. Start with a loving message, 2. I am not upset because of anything you said or did. A number of issues have to be considered but most important is which parent can provide a loving, stable and emotionally secure environment for the children. Our middle child is the most likely to take the news of our separation the hardest. The old saying "actions speak louder then words" rings true. I don't want to let my son see how sad I am because I'm afraid that if I allow myself to cry properly, I won't be able to stop. Younger children may punish the parent who leaves; again allowing space to label the feeling can open up the communication. In the ideal arrangement joint or shared custody with equal access is best, however in the court system, custody is most often awarded to one parent with the other getting access. A word or two is best. You are going to live here in the house and keep going to the same school and see your friends. Explain in simple non-judgmental terms what has happened and what is about to happen. However, children often find out the truth by accident by overhearing a conversation. Then make reassuring comments, and 4. Well, things haven't really gone to plan," I say. Why are you all crying? I don't know why I pictured a calmer, less emotionally charged scene. It is easier to talk to someone who is not as emotionally involved in the situation as the parents are. Mum and I are going to be living in different houses soon. The Family Mediation Service may also be able to help in these circumstances. Occasionally professionals are called on to help the courts decide whom should have custody and how often access should occur. It is important that the relatives talk about the parents in a positive manner. And both R and I feel helpless, hopeless. None of this is your fault.

How to tell your kids about separation

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