How to make a slumber party fun

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Sleepover Tents Little bohemian tents for all the tweens to sleep in for the night. Princess Paradise Create a comfortable Princess Castle Fort for your little girls to snuggle up in, play make-believe and tell stories. Careful using hot glue guns! Supply your child and their friends with matching pajamas that you can either include with the invitation or have ready for when they arrive!

How to make a slumber party fun

Movie Night Organize the coolest movie night around! You shall limit the guest list Start small — with maybe one to three guests—and build up to a larger number as you get the hang of sleepovers. Kick start your own clever game by splitting the girls into groups of two or three. Or consider an opt-out policy. Some even recommend having a sign-in sheet so contact numbers are easy to find at 3 a. Look for decorations, bring out the Darth Vader puzzles, and print out some fun coloring sheets! You shall prepare for forgotten toothbrushes and sudden exits Expect the unexpected: S'mores in a cup, a fake fire pit, sleeping tents, wildlife stuffs for them to snuggle up with and a fun activity like painting birdhouses! This rustic popcorn bar is going to be the hit of the party with delicious toppings and lots of options. Are there any in particular that you like? Both he and McGillian also recommend developing a code phrase that your child can say to you if things are getting out of control or a guest is having trouble. Pillow Fight Every tween sleepover needs a good old fashioned pillow fight! So, how can you host a great sleepover without resorting to divine intervention? This is a wonderful way to keep the tweens busy for the night having fun until it's time to shut their eyes. Dim the lights leading up to that time, and possibly hand out flashlights once the lights are off. Glamping Give your teenagers a glamping experience right in your backyard. Plus, this prevents kids from falling on each other from a bed, and squelches arguments about who gets to sleep where. Delicate cookies, elegant teacups and of course some golden crowns to wear with their matching dresses! Overly excited or homesick kids, wet sleeping bags , nervous tummies and social conflicts can make for a rather, er, eye-opening experience. Purchase multicolor, cheap toothbrushes from a local discount shop and decorate them with bows, ribbons or your own personal touch. You shall not offer sugary treats or heavy foods an hour before bedtime Mini-pizzas, veggies and dip, fresh fruit, pretzels, popcorn and other light, nut-free foods and snacks are wise choices. Each person to catch it must respond to the entry under their right thumb. Build a rocket, enjoy space travel in a flight simulator and marvel at the night sky in the planetarium theatre. The person without a seat is out. Play Musical Chairs Image source: Popcorn Bar Every amazing slumber party includes a movie night and what's movie night without popcorn!?

How to make a slumber party fun

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  1. Edmonton, , fortedmontonpark. This is a fabulous sleepover theme that lets your kids be a little spoiled for the night with delicious pancakes as they play in their pajamas and make friendship bracelets!

  2. Another question to consider is whether your pint-sized guests are ready. Housecoats Provide cute fuzzy housecoats for your kids and their guests to really make them feel relaxed and comfortable.

  3. Scribble Mom-approved questions and tasks all around the ball and then toss or pass it around.

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