How to know if you re bisexual

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Though bisexuality is not a phase, some people may find that their sexuality shifts throughout their lives. There is a lot of confusion at first. If you find that you only want to be with women, don't let fears of what your family might thing get in the way of your happiness. Fast forward a few years to high school.

How to know if you re bisexual

Many people also have difficulty understanding bisexuality, and some bisexual people may try to hide their bisexuality. If you find that you only want to be with women, don't let fears of what your family might thing get in the way of your happiness. It is a common misconception that bisexuality is just a phase. I talked to someone who identifies as bi, and she said she had a crush on a girl when she was young but didn't understand it. You might feel that you do not fit either of these categories, and you may notice that you are 'turned on' and have sexual feelings about people of your own gender and another gender. Surround yourself with supportive people. You may also find someone to talk with through the Internet or at youth groups. Does the thought of her dating someone else make you feel jealous? There is no test for bisexuality. I'm assuming you are in high school or middle school based on your question. Before I admitted to myself that I was bi, I had crushes on some girls but didn't want to admit it. Sexuality develops over time, and you should feel no pressure to identify in any particular way. Perhaps you will realize that you are bi, or maybe you will figure out that you are straight or even something else. Suzanna, Maryland, age 17 Determining your sexuality can be highly confusing. Can you picture yourself in romantic situations with this girl? Teenagers often feel a lot of pressure to choose to define themselves as being heterosexual or homosexual. Reaching out can help ensure you have support as you talk about your sexuality. Trans or genderqueer and safe: What does this mean? Sooner or later you will meet someone who feels some of the same things you do and has had similar experiences. It helps to be informed and to know that you aren't alone. You can ask yourself a few questions to determine if you do have a crush on this girl. Some people might be very receptive, while others might not be able to handle the information as well as you had hoped they would. You might be bisexual, or you might be a lesbian. You are not alone, and you are likely to meet bisexual people just about anywhere you go. Steven, age 20 I find coming out less difficult the more you do it.

How to know if you re bisexual

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