How to keep a sagittarius man interested

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However, this does not mean you drastically revamp your personality. It's all about sincerity when it comes to Sagittarius, don't forget this. Be capable of change.

How to keep a sagittarius man interested

Sagittarius men hate feeling like they have to dedicate time to one more thing in their lives, so, if you can share something with him that he already takes time for, you can guarantee a vested interest in spending time together. He prefers facing the future and thinking about how to improve the many aspects of his life. A post shared by Luca Guardasole lucagfweddingguardasole on Oct 16, at Water and earth-dominant individuals just can't keep up with the pace and end up feeling drained by Sagittarius' antics. However, newspaper horoscopes are often generalized and cut short because of limited space. Leave things be and you might even find that your Sag is eventually tamed enough to want to make that commitment of their own accord. This man can easily ignore your attempts to make him miss you and think about you. This means, if he loves sailing, take up sailing. Travel with him Make his hobbies your hobbies Take an interest in his interests Engage in an active social life The Elements at Play Sagittarius is an active type. This sign's typical behavior shows the need for adventurous experiences, dominance, excitement, and non-submission. Don't get us wrong, this sign can be very committed and faithful, but only if you're not jealous and you don't chase after him. Flirt with everyone like he does. He loves you for sure, but that doesn't mean he will commit himself to you completely. Sagittarius will get things straight with you. Take the time to make sure you build up your confidence and learn this secret method. So get ready to: First, attract your Sagittarius with whatever physical assets you have. If you feel capable of dealing with him and his numerous moods, then you might be a perfect match. It worries me because I'm 27 and he's 24, I have responsibilities like a full time job and he helps to manage a restaurant but also goes to school and so has more free time. You'll miss your chance with a Sagittarius man if you show any signs of jealousy. In just a few seconds, he can make your day or crush your dreams with his brutal sincerity. Successfully at Your Side So you have his attention, and he may have asked you out. Go With Him This is the cold reality of any woman vying for a Sagittarius male: He will try to achieve balance in his life by flirting around. If he didn't want to be with me I wouldn't force it, I could never cage someone like that. For this reason, he tends to be most compatible with effusive fire signs and gregarious air signs. Sagittarius likes to be in charge and he does not like being in a subordinate position.

How to keep a sagittarius man interested

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