How to give oral sex with a tongue ring

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The most common part pierced for sexual pleasures is the tongue. The tongue is one of the most versatile organs from the body. For this reason, you should expect an increase in saliva after getting a new piercing.

How to give oral sex with a tongue ring

Larger stretched holes can take a few days. While I have considered getting some, I have never gotten around to it, and it's likely that I never will. Could you please tell me how long I have to wait to have oral sex with my partner female. Normally before sexual contact I like doing alittle foreplay to get the blood flowing. Basically, there is no trick with using the tongue ring. An interesting side story that just might answer your question comes courtesy of a friend of mine who once worked in a piercing parlor. You can keep your head elevated at night by sleeping on several pillows. The intention was to draw blood for blood sacrifices. However, it is still very crucial to maintain high levels of oral hygiene to prevent the piercing from getting infected. May 13, at 3: Some might like it, some might not! Piercing the tongue was believed to create an altered state of consciousness through which they could communicate with their deities. During healing, the tongue piercing should not be removed. See a doctor immediately if you have any concerns. This is attributed to friction between the barbell and the gums of the lower teeth. It is crucial to get the tongue piercing done by a qualified and professional body piercer. Remember not everybody is the same. Slurred speech Slurred speech is to be expected in the first few days after the tongue piercing has been inserted, especially when the tongue is swollen. For example, people who have their nipples pierced find it highly arousing to have their nipples toyed with during sex or anytime, really. More details on the community rules can be found here. However, the girl was so sensitive from the number of piercings she already had, that the motion of cleaning her brought her to orgasm repeatedly. Tongue piercing was also practiced by the Haida , Kwakiutul and Tlinglit of America. For this reason, you should expect an increase in saliva after getting a new piercing. If it almost feels like your tongue is bruised it needs to be longer. It is a sex-positive community and a safe space for people of all genders and orientations. Usually, activities such as brushing the teeth may prove excessively difficult in the first days or weeks after the piercing. You should not engage in oral sex during that period, unless you are using condoms or other barrier methods.

How to give oral sex with a tongue ring

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  1. This is uncomfortable and essentially quite painful, especially when moving the tongue as is the case during speaking and eating.

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