How to deal with a hypochondriac husband

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Hopefully, it will pay off. She is a professional writer and a relationship counsellor. I feel bored to interact with her. It is extremely important to find acceptance for their condition. How to Deal with a Hypochondriac Spouse Hypochondriacs have a tough life, continuously battling some ailment created from their imagination.

How to deal with a hypochondriac husband

He feels unappreciated, ignored, worse, more ugly and less resourceful than his friend. However, this disorder can create a lot of strain on relationships, as partners and spouses are forced to provide repetitive reassurances during all their interactions, which could lead to guilt, exhaustion, and frustration, that they might not be supportive enough, or the fact that they might be overlooking a real illness. But I know this is not a healthy situation. When she becomes ill, she will barely stagger, but she will not sit down, and she will not stay in bed because no one will replace her. A minor left hand pain is a definite symptom of a heart attack. Clearly and assertively ask for help. You should handle your hypochondriac spouse delicately. One should try to steer away the conversation to other topics that are not related in any way to their condition. Denial will only worsen the situation. Consult a doctor to see if any problem actually exists, and stick to the same doctor. He isolates himself not to get the rest of us sick, but he also distances himself from problems. However, the life for their spouses is even tougher, and often filled with frustration and exhaustion. Take care of me! But, any distraction should feel natural and not forced. How to deal with a health anxious spouse? Especially if their spouses gladly and uncritically assume the role of charitable caretakers. Your spouse looks downcast and depressed even for mild illness. Do any of you have a situation like this? How does your health anxious spouse behave? These are just few examples about the illness related obsession of your health anxious spouse. Even though you might have heard all of their complaints before and know that the illness only exists in their head, you should listen to them in an effort to appear interested and concerned about their well-being. Karolina has difficulty establishing healthy boundaries. Dealing with Hypochondriacs If your wife or husband is a hypochondriac, it important that you hear them out. Irritable bowel syndrome, back pain, headaches, moving muscle aches, and fibromyalgia can also show up. I get it for free. He hides them from Karolina but also masks them from himself. Again I do not resent helping pay for things which are necessary.

How to deal with a hypochondriac husband

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  1. And then the illness feels like a holiday vacation, a zone of peace and quiet, and the illness is not so much a nuisance but a prerequisite to a happy reprieve. You feel terrified when your spouse goes on and on about symptoms of one disease after another.

  2. Life is good Love forever until death do us part You are here: Instead of talking to a psychologist, he visits another doctor in the hope that he finally will hear the catastrophic diagnosis he gave himself earlier.

  3. They feel like they always have it worse than others. To get rid of the vicious circle of self-torment, hypochondriacs can become addicted to painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs.

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