How to conquer a leo man

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He can be your best friend and nothing more. One of the biggest secrets about a Leo man is that he finds the white lies and half truths people tell each other just to get by in the world hugely pointless and confusing. A Leo just doesn't know how to fight.

How to conquer a leo man

This man finds independent, confident, and well-groomed women irresistible. Never hold him back, even when he is a little off- track. If their bad sides prevail, Leo can be terribly tense, arrogant and self-reliant. When in a serious relationship, he will never think of breaking the trust of his woman, and never sideline him even for your kids. The Leo male has a dominant personality so give in to his needs and desires. Leo men are known for their hugely magnetic personality, irresistible charisma, and dominant nature. If you attracted him, you can expect some expensive gifts - that's for sure. They have a really good and healthy sense of humor; they don't like offending and humiliating people. The trick is to look confident and perfectly comfortable with yourself, while at the same time, show you are attracted to him. He feels good when he knows that the woman he talks to hangs on to his every word. Affection display is one important step of keeping your Leo prince attracted to you. He will always be there to support an independent woman who knows her way of solving life's problems with his help. Hang onto every word, laugh at his jokes, be amazed at the stories he tells, and so on. It is important to know what makes a Leo tick, if you want to find the key to his heart. But this man likes compliments too. You need to show him you are curious about him, but not trying to take over his life. Never argue or confront a Leo. He will be on his guard when you are around other men. Only a Leo knows best what is good for him and he does not like when you want to be his counselor. Click here to read my story. Learn how to make a Leo man fall in love with you with just a few simple pointers. Excitement and passion go hand in hand with their outlook on life. Leo is a fire sign, and fire signs in the zodiac are given to raw emotion, taking life as it comes and giving their all to every moment. He is the KING; he may do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, without feeling the need to explain his behaviour to anyone. Advices to attract a Leo man Since a Leo man has a very strong character, he wants someone similar to him by his side, but not completely. He is a protective father towards his kids, but he has his needs. Be Prim and Proper One of the main aspects that attracts him to his lady-love is her appearance.

How to conquer a leo man

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  1. You will need to have a mature approach to any disagreement, as nagging, yelling, or sarcasm will push him away from you.

  2. You are his partner and need to play the role of a supporting actor. Do not be fooled by his flamboyant, playboy image; Leos are among the most faithful life-partners you will ever find.

  3. He needs to stand out of the crowd, and his boldness and innate confidence will often have him do things that no other men can do. You will find him to be a warm-hearted lion who is very sincere towards each of his relationships.

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