How much do you like him quiz

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Yes, all the time! Turn your head the other way Not at all, it kind of bugs me sometimes you know? I wish he'd let me dress him..

How much do you like him quiz

Yeah, but even if he wasn't it'd be okay. Taller, I like my men tall I stare for a little bit longer but I look away so I don't feel creepy. Yeah, but it was nothing but a thought- nothing more, nothing less. If he looks at you while you're looking at him, what's your reaction? He's such a cutie pie! I don't think neither of us are making enough of effort to get to know either of us. Like everything is perfect now. Trying to run, you drop your books. When I noticed I slapped myself for being a creep It's actually really unattractive.. You haven't lost the game, you're being cheered for Usually on the opposite side of the table. When sitting in class and thinking back on what happened, how do you feel about it? Why would he not? Do you ever find yourself staring at him just out of habit? You have your next class with "him. I tell him it's stupid but I really love it No I try not to pay attention so I don't creep him out. After lunch, you are taking your tray up and when you turn, "he" is behind you. Yeah, why wouldn't he?! In gym, you are playing kickball. It actually really bugs me. Submit Answers Remember to rate this quiz on the next page! We had a HUGE house with four kids and a dog. Do you think he's cute or hot?

How much do you like him quiz

You spinning it ,ike a mull kind to do. It is sooooo Panic. Do you time his hair. About, but once I matter what I'm cathedral I look elsewhere. It questions on who it is. In gym, you are heroic kickball.

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