Hiv sites

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Methods Study population and study design The study is a cross sectional study carried out among registered community pharmacists in the South east states of Nigeria between October, and February, Cross tabulation was also carried out to show the relationship between the variables. The last section section 4 assessed readiness and their perceived skills in HIV services. Results All distributed questionnaires were filled and retrieved.

Hiv sites

However, their perceived skills in carrying out these services were observed to be low. Conclusion Community pharmacists in the south eastern part of Nigeria have high knowledge of HIV and a somewhat attitude towards HIV care services with high willingness and readiness to be involved in HIV care and services. This strategy involves the decentralization of HIV services from hospitals to more peripheral health facilities [ 10 ]. Although the conversion of the viral single stranded RNA into linear double stranded DNA dsDNA intermediate Hu and Hughes, may help stabilize the viral genome, it is the integration of the viral DNA into the genome of the host cell that permits HIV to persist for many years in the absence of viral replication. Cross tabulation was also carried out to show the relationship between the variables. Community pharmacy settings have been recognized as effective sites for health promotion, screening and chronic diseases management [ 12 ] and could effectively be utilized in the decentralization strategy. These findings have implications for strategies that are intended to eliminate the reservoir of infected cells that has made it almost impossible to cure HIV infected patients. Methods A descriptive cross sectional survey was carried out among community pharmacists in south east, Nigeria between October, and February, The total correct answers were transformed into percentage knowledge scores. The survey instrument was independently face validated by three pharmacy lecturers in the department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Management, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, two Hospital Pharmacists specially trained in the care of HIV-infected patients and one Family Health International fhi staff in Anambra state. A total of questionnaires were conveniently distributed in the zone as follows: Research instrument and validation A item self-administered questionnaire was developed, validated and used for the study Additional file 1. Asaba is the capital of Delta state which is one of the states in the South-south geopolitical zone of Nigeria. Data analysis Retrieved copies of the questionnaire were collected and classified into domains. Descriptive statistics was conducted for the demographics and percentage mean scores for each domain were computed. Although most of the proviruses that persist in patients on long term ART are defective, a few percent are intact and are capable of giving rise to infectious virus Ho et al. Respondents who scored below 50 were categorized as having low involvement, respondents who scored between Despite efforts to engage community pharmacists in HIV services more is needed in the aspect of making adequate policies to further empower more community pharmacists in this aspect of care. It has common boundaries with Anambra state and has a cluster of community pharmacies and a good number of pharmacists. Respondents who scored below the mean were categorized as having negative attitude while respondents who had equal or greater than the mean were categorized as having positive attitude. As discussed in this Perspective, it is likely that cells that produce virus are strongly selected against in vivo, and cells with replication competent proviruses expand and survive because only a small fraction of the cells produce virus. Four questions assessed readiness while five questions assessed their perceived skills. According to the population census in Nigeria, this zone has an estimated population of about 16,, people [ 18 ]. Two hundred and five self-administered questionnaires were distributed to conveniently selected community pharmacists in the region. The state chairman of Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria ACPN in each of the five states was contacted to find out their respective dates for annual general meeting. The variables in each domain were categorised into groups and simple percentages were used to show the percentage distribution of the variables. The first section included socio-demographic characteristics.

Hiv sites

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  1. Using the estimated sample size from each state, questionnaires were distributed to selected members in attendance that orally consented until the projected number in the state was reached. Results All distributed questionnaires were filled and retrieved.

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