Having good sex in a car

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If you're trying to tap into your inner exhibitionist, you should try to stay very quiet in public places and only get it on if you have tinted windows. Try to get away from any artificial lights, as the light pollution from the city will make it difficult to see the stars. So if you plan to have sex in the car, dress appropriately. What you wear matters!

Having good sex in a car

So pull over into a secluded spot and have a quicky in the front seat, while your on your way to that boring dinner party at his boss's house or her sister's baby shower you couldn't get out of. Put on some music and remember to crank up the air conditioning because it is going to be very hot inside the car once the action starts. Straddle him The easiest position to have sex in the car is if you get on top of him and straddle him. Red lipstick from Nyx is just what you need to get things a little more racy. They don't call it a truck BED for nothing Come on boys, we all know you love your trucks. If you can't wait to pull over to begin the fun, there are other ways to warm each other up. Orgasm responsibly I don't need to tell you how difficult it is to get the dirt out of a nice car interior. Set the mood Just like any other time, setting the mood is pretty important. Some backseat fun The second most comfortable sex position is in the backseat. Get a packet of condoms by Durex for Rs Here are a few tips to make your vehicular sex hotter than the metal part of a seatbelt in the summer. If you're just looking for a little quick fun, then you might as well stay up in the front. These are only two of many sexy - and infinitely safer - alternatives to road head. A skirt or a dress is your best bet for the car quickly, unless it is in-the-moment and then you might as well struggle a little. It offers the feeling of something forbidden and spur of the moment. Plus there is nothing more embarrassing than literally being caught with your pants down. If you have a leather interior you can afford to be a little less careful. The fact that cars retain heat is a curse in the summer, but a blessing in the winter; make this work to your advantage. Everyone deserves at least one Titanic-esc encounter in their lives. Or you could always make your own body heat… Find a secluded spot The last thing you want when you're trying to get intimate in your vehicle is for things to get cut short by a group of observant teens or worse: Staying up in the front seat can be sexy as all hell. Keep this in mind when you are reaching the peak of your sexual experience. Of course, the answer is yes. If you have a truck, throw a mattress in the bed if you have an SUV with trunk space or folding seats and cant fit a mattress back there, enough foam padding and blankets will do the trick. Enter your phone number and we'll text you the app. So make sure you keep some tissues at hand in the car.

Having good sex in a car

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  1. If you have a leather interior you can afford to be a little less careful. Belt him to the passenger seat with the seat belt and tie his hands with a scarf to the headrest and have your wicked way with him!

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