Harry hermione sex fan fiction

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It was all I could do not to, er…" She raised an eyebrow, her nostrils flaring slightly. His curiosity roused, Harry stepped closer and looked down at the book. He looked up at her from the floor and saw that she was beholding him with wide eyes. Every fiber of her body wanted to throw herself across the bed and wrap her arms around him. He avoided Ron and Ginny's attempts at conversation, his mind focused only on what had transpired in the library the night before.

Harry hermione sex fan fiction

Harry made one last check as he crept around his room as silently as possible. From this angle she wasn't as hairy as she had seemed last night. And I wish I could go back and…and change everything. I saw some nude pictures in some magazines, but nothing more. Boys don't get pregnant, but most still wouldn't like to be burdened with children before reaching adulthood. More than a dozen nude and writhing bodies filled every available space, moving in unison and striking an incredible variety of obscene poses. Realising it was the book that made the noise, not an intruder; Hermione bent over and picked it up. His cock was so hard that it felt as if orgasm might be imminent, but he dare not move to adjust or relieve himself. Make sure to act properly and learn well. Harry's heart stopped; he was suddenly terrified that he had been discovered. His mouth fell open in surprise, and he nearly gave his presence away. He stood hesitantly from the love seat. Harry had flipped her over, licking the sweetness of her juices from her fingers as he did so. He wasn't entirely sure what to do about it, but he risked closing his book and turning toward her. The hand around hers tightened ever so slightly, and his pupils dilated. She stared at him and then shook her head. Then without further heisitation and no words, Harry fell into her and pressed his mouth against hers. He reached forward and put a hand on her shoulder for balance. The sky was dark with clouds that occasionally sprinkled the land with rain, and the Dementors' presence made everything much colder than usual. She began slipping her finger lower, spreading her lips and rubbing along the edges of the pink entrance below. He roamed his hand through her thick hair, twisting it gently in his fingers. The look on her face and the feeling he had told him they were not even started yet. She stopped stroking for a moment, and he looked down at her questioningly. He was unable to resist the alluring thought of a girl examining his cock so closely. He circled his tongue gently around her areola before taking her small nipple in his mouth. Besides, I think the last thing Harry needs right now is a crowd.

Harry hermione sex fan fiction

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