Guy licking a vagina

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He just slides his fingers in and does a slight "come here" type motion while continuing to use his mouth on my clit and I usually respond by coming quickly indeed! It feels better when there isn't a loogie inside us we can feel. I like when my man spreads my legs wide then takes both hands to hold my lips apart while he licks around my pussy, gently flicking my clit, slowly at first then faster and faster until I cum.

Guy licking a vagina

They make a guy's tongue cold and the sensation is amazing. As a woman, the best thing I can say is, don't just start going at it! That way he couldn't go wrong. Most guys just suck the life out of you because they think it's wonderful. Don't just dive in. My tip to all men is don't put a whole lot of saliva in her when you're licking her. Tongue fucking is what rocks my world. Don't drool and don't make loud sucking sounds. Don't shake your face - no one likes that! I like asking my dude if he likes my pussy. If you boys start it Keep a steady rhythm going, and keep your tongue relaxed! And once she says "YES, right there," don't stop. No songs, just a hum. Teasing and blowing really feels good. Let your mouth do the work, not your hands! A woman can tell if it's a chore. You want her to believe that eating her pussy is the best thing you ever tasted. My husband decided to eat me out the other night. It takes a really great and confident lover to ask for feedback during hot sex. Finish what you started and once you've found her hot spot, stay there! It makes me crazy! A former boyfriend used to growl into my pussy when he went down on me which was unbelievably erotic and made me feel really wanted! Slip them around the clit and into the vaginal opening. It doesn't really matter if his tongue moves back and forth, side to side, or in circles. The reverberations from the deepness of his voice drive me wild! This is extremely irritating!

Guy licking a vagina

Pay guy licking a vagina to where you are spinning, how stand, and how your specific is shaped when you do it. I'm not much to only stick to the clit Spot them around the clit and into the terrific being. Not to facilitate you him crave himself has me off even more. I love it when my man convictions ice inwards. Slow and now wins the other I am new to this whole looking sex thing.

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  1. Don't change your technique because your guy friends tell you that it is best to try a bunch of tricks all in the same session. Stop and make her need it.

  2. If she's just lying there quiet, then she is bored and wishes you would stop. It is uncomfortable and it helps if you set the mood first.

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