Giving someone space in a relationship

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What makes you happy? Now contrast this with your current situation. It feels safe and secure and wonderful.

Giving someone space in a relationship

This means backing off. Confined to a certain person or a situation and struggling with it is very difficult if proper space is not given at the right time. Your world should be bigger than that. Ultimately this is a good thing, an opportunity to better yourself and get to a good place mentally and emotionally. What is your greater fear here? This is the time to understand that some things can be corrected with distance. If this is the end then yes, it will hurt a lot. Remember you will be OK The best way to be both emotionally healthy and happy and to get him back is ironically the same: Everything needs air and space to grow and flourish and you have to know how to give someone space. It can be a difficult task, but the result will be fruitful. Listen calmly to what the other person has to express. Fill this void with the people who make you happy. Learn to be OK with whatever the outcome is. You need to stop seeing the loss of a special person in your life—no matter how special—as the end of the world. You never know what the future will hold. Is He Losing Interest? But there is more you need to know. When you are deeply in love, you always want to be with the other person. Just leave it alone for now and focus on you. When the partner worries about upsetting you, he curbs his necessity to have space. Sometimes there will be a need for intense care and togetherness and at other times you will have to give some space to the other person to indulge in himself. Why are you being like this? You have to be willing to walk away and still have a whole life before that can ever be a possibility. This will later develop into bitterness in your love life. But as always, have love and respect for the relationship, but have more love and respect for yourself. Thinking it in your head might not be enough; try writing it down. It is natural to have the panicky feeling, but subdue your emotions.

Giving someone space in a relationship

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  1. It is always better to prevent an issue by giving your partner his segment of space so that the relationship runs smooth without bringing in the need to take a break.

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