Give oral sex to a woman

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For me, going down on a woman I love often feels like sitting down to a steak dinner after 40 days in the desert. By going slow you have a chance to explore the area and find out just what she likes and where. You can start off with a wide, soft tongue and take it from there.

Give oral sex to a woman

You can start off with a wide, soft tongue and take it from there. If you cramp up easily, you may have a lot of stored jaw tension that you need to release. Softly make out with it exactly like you would her mouth. Try matching pace and pressure with your fingers and tongue and then contrasting slow, firm strokes with your fingers and rapid flicks of the tongue. And always avoid using your teeth at all costs. This is also less tiring, so you can go on for a longer period of time. This is all good news for you. Like any other sexual skill , all you can do to develop it is practice and repetition. Techniques Warm her up by keeping your touch gentle and slow-motion. Or, you might be able to dial back stimulation for a few seconds and then ramp it right back up again to bring her to climax. I mean it… get comfy. The simplest, most on-point metaphor for this was given to me by an instructor of Tibetan Tantra. Creating Dynamic Tension Some guys will jump head first off the high dive into her lap and start lapping her up like their lives depended on it. If you enjoyed reading this article, you will likely also love checking out: Here is the low down on going down. You just have a toolbox that you can pull and switch from whenever you choose. Giving good oral sex to a woman is a knack. That said, the tip of the clitoris is definitely a magic sweet spot. Take your time getting into position and building sexual tension with your level of relaxation and excitement about the process. Remember that orgasm alone should not be the only focus of oral sex. Working The Clitoris The clitoris is a gateway to some of the most insane levels of peak pleasure a woman could ever experience. Notice what makes her breathe harder and deeper. If the position she prefers is too hard on your neck, try lifting her hips up by placing a pillow underneath them, or by having her on her side and resting your head on the inside of her thigh. If a man has not had a shave in over 8 hours, his razor stubble could approximate the grain of grit sandpaper, which is pretty abrasive. This leaves room for you to build the intensity and experience, much like a musician.

Give oral sex to a woman

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  1. It takes some time to be able to tune into a woman and intuitively read her arousal blueprint. Lavish her with genuine praise.

  2. All my favourite songs build slowly, rising and falling, adding more elements along the way, until they finally explode in flourishing sonic orgasm. Some women cannot tolerate direct contact with their clitoris and need to have the area pretty wet for it to be comfortable.

  3. And just like it is for men, the more the person giving oral is truly into it, the hotter it is and the faster the recipient will likely hit climax.

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