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Simultaneously, the ebbing presence of corrupt police officers allowed Jim Gordon , a man determined to eradicate crime wherever it existed, to become the new commissioner. Just make sure to give the drone time to be primed for detonation before making the shot. It has alternatively supported or opposed Batman over the course of his vigilante career, and their complicated relationship often varied depending on contemporary Gotham politics and outlook of individual commissioners.


Use your grapple to clear the barrier. Take out the guards you encounter from behind. This division is the focus of the comic book series Gotham Central. Beat the cops, then open the elevator shaft with this code. In response to Dent's "attacks" on the police department and the actions of the League of Shadows from the first film, Loeb set up the Major Crimes Unit within the GCPD to counter possible terrorist attacks as well as rid the city of its organized crime. Loeb forced him to resign his position. Look for fences, pipes, and ground vents to use as environmental takedowns against some of the tougher foes you'll face. Kate Kane referred to Akins as police commissioner in the weekly 52 series, which reveals the events of the missing year. Instead they allowed Batman to take care of the situation, under Gordon's instructions. Sneak up on the cops one by one and knock them out quietly. In the struggle that ensued, four officers were murdered and corruption within the department became evident once again. In the Major Crimes Unit, acceptance of the Batman, though reluctant, is growing. The Falcone crime family, which had a stranglehold on Gotham's underground for generations, finally crumbled when a series of killings shook the structure of the mafia organization. Claiming the victory as his own, Tolliver is then elected mayor in the sequel, Master of the Future. Harvey came back on disciplinary probation after helping expose a criminal drug ring. When they have been taken care of, the doors are still shut, so use the Batmobile to yank out a nearby fan and climb through the ducts until you reach a long shaft, and grapple up to find a way outside to witness the army amassed against you. While looking for the criminal, several officers including Bullock and Montoya were lured to a trap, but fortunately there were no casualties. Bane also discovers the truth of the circumstances behind Harvey Dent's death and reveals it to the GCPD and the rest of the city, thus ending the manhunt against Batman. Eventually, the police department are instrumental of the League of Shadows' defeat, though Foley and many officers are killed in action. It was formerly headed by Billy Pettit until he went insane Batman: They failed and it was Gordon who, hours later, defeated and captured the villain. Try and focus on taking out armed opponents - either by deflecting them with the REC Gun or otherwise, by using the disarm and destroy move, using a melee weapon to break their defenses, or even the good ol' Batmobile parked close by. This was part of an effort to make storylines more accessible to newer readers, beginning with the New Blake resigns himself from the police department following Batman's apparent death and after receiving a set of coordinates left by the Dark Knight, the young detective discovers the Batcave beneath Wayne Manor. Battle for the Cowl Shortly after Batman's death, the GCPD were overwhelmed by a rising wave of criminals wanting to take control of the city on Batman's absence. After beating them, blow out this wall to proceed.


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  1. Clear out the guards in the cell block. Your remote grapple allows you to make a bridge over the false walls of the police offices.

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  3. The strongest blow against police corruption in the force came when an increasing amount of conspiracy charges against Loeb forced him to resign his position, replaced by Peter Grogan.

  4. In response to Dent's "attacks" on the police department and the actions of the League of Shadows from the first film, Loeb set up the Major Crimes Unit within the GCPD to counter possible terrorist attacks as well as rid the city of its organized crime. Relations between the DA's office and the police, especially between Gordon and Harvey Dent , remains tense throughout most of the film, with corruption in the rank and file; and even within Gordon's unit, being a key source of this conflict in The Dark Knight, with Dent suspecting that Ramirez and Wuertz are corrupt based on his investigations while working in Internal Affairs, immediately before his election to District Attorney.

  5. However, this also is used by Bane to break the criminals imprisoned under the Dent Act out of prison and wreak havoc around Gotham, much to both the police and the citizens' misfortune.

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