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Using 2, the only thing the shutter button does is to determine exposure and to take the image. I equals 1 point s. I understand that you are in AI Servo because that is the way you have set the camera.


If you want to learn more read our guides. Sorry this is so lengthy, however working this out I think I got it!! V equals 4 point s. While holding down the back button and remaining in One Shot, since you are still holding down the shutter button half-way, is the camera changing exposure values as the lighting changes? With an approved I, assuming you are not current [subject to per country limitations] you may seek three-year extension of your H-1B status for as long as your green card case is pending. Using 2, the only thing the shutter button does is to determine exposure and to take the image. Anything after the slash tells you how the rear button will work if that option is selected. So long as you are holding down the back button the camera remains in One Shot which allows you to recompose and shoot. If your first began H-1B status was March , your six year limit is March To activate AF you have to press the back button. CF-IV [0 or 1]: Shutter button no longer activates AF, but of course fires the shutter. When conducting related analysis, it is critical to have the actual documents to accurately establish the foreign workers six year max date [also referred to as a Final Nonimmigrant Visa or FNIV date]. However, if you spend 1. Now make your own conclusions on what to keep and what to use in order to get the highest score. To turn AI Servo into one-shot, I put my subject in the center of the frame and then press and release the AF button on the back of the body. This method gives you a chance to instantly gain more results. CF-IV-1 [1 or 2]: Once I get it, I get it; it just takes me longer to understand the concepts. The Canon Digital Leaning Center has an article on this subject: What this means is that anything before the slash mark refers to how the shutter button will behave. Using 1, when you press the shutter half-way it engages AF, and in the AI Servo mode using the center AF point which includes the six invisible assist points if the subject moves the camera will automatically refocus. We only show the value of points for the unique 4 letters of 'FNIV'. Focus is unlocked by removing thumb from back-button. Good luck and please let me know if I may be of further assistance. I equals 1 point s.


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