Flags at half staff for whitney houston

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Her struggles with drug addiction and her troubled marriage to Bobby Brown tarnished her public image. As noted above, that honor is a traditional one for those who have died while active duty members of the armed forces, but Kyle did not die on active duty, having left the U. The President decides when flags are flown at half-staff on Federal buildings, the state's Governor for state and local buildings.

Flags at half staff for whitney houston

Indeed, giving this honor to Houston seems to illustrate what psychologists Zeno Franco and Philip Zimbardo have called our increasingly "watered-down" view of heroism. But should that enter her into the ranks of American heroes? John Konopka is a veteran, and lives in Cape Girardeau. But maybe it's partly because of her troubles, not in spite of them, that she's being honored. We lose sight of the strong moral qualities that should define heroism, and we lose touch with what it takes to nurture more demanding forms of heroism. It also involves real sacrifice or risk, including a risk of one's own life. And, ultimately, I suspect that this is part of the reason we're seeing such effusive tributes to her now. Wednesday, March 16, 1: Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Chris Christie's decision to honor singer in this way received some criticism Jason Marsh: In some cases governors may also direct that flags be lowered to half-staff to honor the passing of other state residents prominent outside the areas of government and the military. The flag flying at half-staff feels like a way not just to honor her virtues as an artist, but to show remorse for how she was treated as a person. He is also upset by the half-staff flag order for Houston. In fact, the sad truth is that for more than a decade, Whitney Houston sat on the end of the moral spectrum opposite from presidents and war heroes. As well, the President of the United States may issue proclamations directing U. A flag flies at half-staff outside the funeral home where a private viewing for Whitney Houston was held Friday in Newark. So there's some precedent here for musicians, and Houston's astronomical album sales certainly make the case for her cultural influence. But I can't shake the feeling that the official, government-sanctioned respect Houston is getting in her death is on some level a reaction to all the insults she endured in her life. Most of Christie's prior orders to lower the flag have honored service members killed in combat, yet he issued the same order after the death of Clarence Clemons, the saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band. But I don't remember any politician embracing her as "New Jersey's daughter" after she did her embarrassing "crack is wack" interview with Diane Sawyer, after she checked into rehab, or after Brown was charged with physically abusing her. Among the earliest examples of a half-mast flag in the U. Her ascent from humble Garden State roots to pop superstardom offers a source of pride for Christie and other New Jerseyites. Whitney Houston clearly does not. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is ordering flags in his state to be flown at half-staff in honor of Whitney Houston on Saturday, the day of her funeral. On the day of, and the day after the death of a member of Congress. To honor him, the state of Missouri flew a flag at half-staff at the Capitol building for a day, and in Wayne County for ten days. Is all that enough to merit an honor usually reserved for people who've performed tremendous services -- and made incomparable sacrifices -- for their country?

Flags at half staff for whitney houston

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  1. Her struggles with drug addiction and her troubled marriage to Bobby Brown tarnished her public image.

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