First gynecological exam virgin sex

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Sometimes your provider will do a rectal exam. My mother a hospital administrator and infectious disease whiz also suggests writing down all the questions you may have about your health, your cycles, and any issues that make you nervous ahead of time, and bringing that list with you for the doctor to address. The Speculum Exam Part 2: The hymen is a thin membrane that partially covers the opening to the vagina.

First gynecological exam virgin sex

Your sex life doesn't play into it a whole lot. You're taking care of yourself, and so is the doctor. It is up to you to let the doctor know what you need to be comfortable. Everyone deserves that kind of respect, so do not hold back; ask the questions and share your fears regarding the speculum and your virginity. Here's a great site that'll fill you in: Your doctor will first just look at the appearance of your vulva -- your external genitals -- looking for any lumps or bumps, swelling, funny colors, or unusual discharge. I went to an ancient, ancient woman whose nurse was even more ancient, and during the exam, the nurse would always rub my hand and tell me what a pretty ring I was wearing I never wore a ring. What about women exposed to carcinogens that neither you nor she nor science are aware of? I was actually responding to several posts who questioned why this matters. Chances are, if you've been physically active, used tampons, or are in your later teens, your corona hymen is probably already at least somewhat worn away: While we think gynecological exams are a good idea, and encourage everyone to make preventative reproductive healthcare a habit, that doesn't mean you have no choice or no rights when it comes to your own healthcare. Don't think for a second about seeming like a freak; you can tell your gynecologist as little or as much background information as you feel you need to and are comfortable with. Just let them know you're uncomfortable and find a way to let your mind escape while it's going on. Vaginal area The External Exam Part 1: Let alone visit a gynecologist, a man!!!! A breast exam is often done as a routine part of this check-up. There are usually 3 parts to a pelvic exam. Why should I go to see a gynecologist? This definitely feels weird but it's quick and clinical. She was scared of the mere idea. For most of my adult life, I have gone to the doctor once a year, my gynecologist, and gotten the whole check-up done in one visit. It's not a need yet, especially if you're not having any issues when it comes to your period or any kind of pelvic or vulvar pain or discomfort. Also, yeah, if you haven't had sex, cervical cancer isn't a concern. There are lots of women out there like you. Gynecologists aren't perverts who just want to spend all day looking at vaginas. They have smaller speculums I just know that's wrong, but I can't pluralize it correctly for virgins and you can inform them of the situation when you arrive for your appt.

First gynecological exam virgin sex

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  1. If you're not 21, and are not having any possible reproductive issues you want him or her to look into, your exam may end with that abdominal exam and blood work.

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