Emotional baggage definition

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Take care of yourself before anything else. You have a lot of potential to love. You are entitled to your space and all the time in the world to heal.

Emotional baggage definition

They will try to coax you from your inner shell. Though, over time you find yourself changing. People will try to advise you. I may ruin something great for no reason at all, but simply because I am very complicated. Eventually, you soften and learn to love yourself again. Love should be mutual. This is the five-step process I discovered: But eventually, your facade will fade and the truth will need to come out. I am more than long nights crying with a bottle of wine. Only the usable baggage. When a friend finally called me on it, the shock of self-recognition quickly turned to resistance. But this time you will be smarter, more aware. You are no longer a victim ; you decide what you take from that experience. For, there is no better feeling than to love and be loved. You opened the door and let them walk right into your heart. Love is not an emotion that should be handed out freely. There will be room for someone special. It is frustrating and complicated, but it means you know what it is like and have the capacity to love. Instead of sleeves laced with open hearts, you wear armor. You allowed yourself to feel the full spectrum of emotions and you felt them all so deeply. So you rely solely on instinct and rationality. Your heart, fashionably sewn onto your sleeve, had to creep back into the shadows. You know it exists. What defines us, however, is how we handle it. Never let someone pressure you into love.

Emotional baggage definition

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