Do adam and eve have belly buttons

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So yes they had navels being born not zapped into existence. It is a sorry state of affairs when a professed Christian aligns himself with an atheist against Moses! In the end, Gosse had made the scientific search for reality into a great cosmic joke.

Do adam and eve have belly buttons

It proclaimed a world with a very long history -- much older than hippos' teeth, much older than Adam and Eve. David, Teddington UK Can some one please give me one good reason why they wouldn't? Mary Fallon, Chippenham Wiltshire The navel is a scar left by the umbilical cord which attatches a foetus to the placenta. At best God had deceived us. It seems a pointless provision - especially since Eve who came to have need of them, once they found out what their other naughty bits were for was, according to Genesis, an afterthought to the original grand design. The issue of contention since has been whether he was actually the son of God. Gosse looked at the fossil record. Adrian, Littlehampton, UK If Genesis is to be taken literally then they didn't have belly buttons because God made them himself. Though they were real people, the dust part was used as a symbol to signify man's dependence on the earth that God had given him and the rib to show man and woman's equality and need for each other. Click the link below to go there: Just before Darwin, geologists began seeing a world far older than Adam written in fossils and geologic structures. Jack Baber, Boston, England I believe they didn't, because they didnt have any umbilical cords, so there would be none. Such was an essay recently authored by a deluded soul who occupies a small niche in the extremely liberal faction of the Christian brotherhood. But these gentlemen ridicule this argument. Perhaps our critical friend could explain this matter to the atheist in England. The issue has absolutely no relation to "being made in God's image" or "they must have because otherwise they would not be perfect creations" and "all humans must be the same according to Genesis". Danny, Birmingham I think we should ask if Adam and Eve ever existed or not!! The controversial editor of DGE? The redundancy of this navel must have been built into Adam and Eve as it is necessary for any offspring and could not have been used in their bodies. After Gosse, we were ready for Darwin. In fact, in a very well-known textbook often used by young earth creationists Scientific Creationism by Henry M. These gentlemen simply do not believe the testimony of the prophets, or that of Jesus and his inspired apostles, regarding the relative ages of the earth and humanity. Plenty of people were serious followers of Jesus, and stories about him were written and combined with existing stories to create what we know as The Bible. It is a sorry state of affairs when a professed Christian aligns himself with an atheist against Moses! If Adam and Eve were created as adults by God they would not have had an umbilical cord.

Do adam and eve have belly buttons

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  1. Adam and Eve did not need navels - but Cain, and Cain's wife did. The University of Houston's College of Engineering presents this series about the machines that make our civilization run, and the people whose ingenuity created them.

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