Dating someone with hemophilia

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The gene causing haemophilia is passed down from parent to child through generations. Most GPs will never meet anyone with haemophilia unless they have worked in a hospital where there is a Haemophilia Centre of some kind. When the bleeding stops on its own, you're seeing clotting in action. What are the types of von Willebrand disease? What is a "port"?

Dating someone with hemophilia

Can females have haemophilia? There should still be consequences for bad decisions and behaviors even if hemophilia has reared its ugly head that day. A person with type 2 often has a normal amount of von Willebrand factor in their blood but has an irregularity in the von Willebrand factor they produce. If they are able to get treatment when they have a bleed there is no reason why they can't live a long happy life. For more information click here. When he was smaller, I would take him to the toy store and let him pick out whatever he wanted after several needle sticks or time spent in the hospital. I have an extended family now. Will we ever get to live independently? Other jobs may be risky because they take you far away from where treatment is readily available, like if they require travel to remote destinations. The truth is — it is difficult. Are you prepared to answer their questions about your condition? I was setting my son and I up for disappointment and this was not the real world. Then again, this goes without saying: Gene therapy is an experimental technique that tries to provide the body with the genetic information it doesn't have. Heavy contact sports like wrestling, football, and hockey can be dangerous and are generally not safe for kids with hemophilia. If you know any peers through the Canadian Hemophilia Society, reach out to them — or contact the organization to help you find someone to talk to. I have blood in my urine. What are the types of von Willebrand disease? In some very rare cases girls and women have particularly low factor levels causing them to have moderate or severe haemophilia. If VWD is so common, why haven't I heard of it? I was having a lot of behavior problems with him when I became single and part of it was because of lack of discipline. Women who carry the gene causing haemophilia can pass the gene on to their sons and daughters. Weak muscles don't support the joints as well, making bleeding episodes more frequent. What Do Doctors Do? Will my partner ever have a decent job?

Dating someone with hemophilia

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  1. People with hemophilia have limitations in some aspects of life. Von Willebrand disease VWD - also known as von Willebrand disorder is a bleeding disorder in which people do not have enough of a protein called von Willebrand factor in their blood or the von Willebrand factor does not work properly.

  2. For more information about haemophilia, talk to your doctor, your local Haemophilia Treatment Centre or contact Haemophilia Foundation Australia. Surgery, including tooth extractions, can cause bleeding for people with VWD.

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