Computer connections okc

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This Engineer is primarily responsible to maintain a medium level of billable utilization. ITS will maintain a list of all web coordinators. An "images" and "resources" folder will be maintained at the root of the college web site with some of the universal graphics and utilities.

Computer connections okc

Use frames only when there is a compelling reason to do so. In a July 20, online article headlined: When using copyrighted materials, it is always best to obtain permission from the owner of the copyright. Be certain that the page title is accurate as this determines the default bookmark name, the title that is read in a speech synthesizer for the blind and the title that is returned in search results. Nope, according to Terri Watkins the once-aired report simply did not happen. Allegedly, the FBI had questioned an OU librarian about the fact that the ticket was purchased for a hijacker aboard Flight 93 which crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. A volunteer at the museum hears the group being rowdy and disrespectful, tells them to "Shut up" and they leave. Check meta tags for keywords and description. Use of copyrighted materials is a sensitive issue in the field of education. Additionally, fellow researcher Michael P. The Bobby Accessibility Tool will analyze a page and provide feedback for complying with the W3C guidelines. Blood's article is a wild read. Please point to the files in these folders instead of creating duplicates. Ask yourself the question, "How long would I wait for a page to download before moving on? Among the information discussed, primarily by Emery, included: However, the applets must be version 1. Keep other graphics to less than 60 KB 30 KB preferred. OKCA helps each student maximize his or her potential and meet the highest performance standards through a uniquely individualized learning program featuring: A networked server is like a printing press, and it should be treated as such. These laws include restrictions on libel, slander, threats of bodily harm, and pornography. Educators and students are granted a certain latitude when pursuing a non-profit, educational goal. One or more of the following current certification s: In addition to making our pages more accessible to those with visual impairments, complying with these checkpoints also makes the pages more readable for everyone. Don't overuse the pop-up window as it tends to confuse most users. Self-motivation with ability to perform quality work within deadlines and budget with or without direct supervision.

Computer connections okc

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  1. Analytical thinking, problem solving, appropriate judgment, and decision making skill. Questions about copyright, libel, liability, privacy, and other legal matters should be directed to the RSC Copyright Officer or the appropriate vice president.

  2. If these policies are too restrictive, individuals are welcome to employ a commercial access provider.

  3. Ask yourself the question, "How long would I wait for a page to download before moving on? Materials that are deemed by the College administration to be illegal, offensive, or otherwise in violation of this policy, will be removed from the College server.

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