College students religion career sex questionaire

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Whites had the most permissive, and blacks the least permissive. It would be illegal if it contained names for example, but to sell on the information that there are X number of homosexual students at X college is legal. Changing individual, familial, and societal elements were reviewed, with a focus on the factors attendant upon adolescent sexual activity concomitant with inconsistent contraceptive use. Recommendations include a longitudinal design to explore the factors that influence some adolescent males abstain from engaging in sexual behaviors until a later age.

College students religion career sex questionaire

College students showed higher scores for most PB except heavy drugs or deviance. The sample included 10 to 12 year old African-American girls living in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. Results indicated an association between age, neighborhood socioeconomic status, church attendance, grade point average, educational aspirations, and family cohesion levels and sexual activity status among the subjects. Differences by Race and Ethnicity. What are the individual and interactive effects of number of sources and intensity of formal sex education, performance self-esteem, parent-adolescent communication, and religiosity on sex variables? The parent who was the predominant sex educator for each family was determined, and these parents were placed into "high sexual communication" and "low sexual communication" categories. Studied the impact of religious affiliation on intercourse risk and contraceptive use among adolescent women during the s when church-based groups were increasingly involved in debates over reproductive and family issues. Attitudes toward sexual activity are more strongly related to sexual behaviors for Fs than for Ms; however, Fs are more conservative than Ms in their attitudes toward the kinds of relationships in which premarital coitus is personally acceptable. PI] Spear, Hila J. No interactions were significant. This new integrated model expands upon Brazzell and Acock's model of abortion intentions by including adolescents' attitudes about abortion, adoption and parenting and their perceptions of significant others' attitudes towards abortion and adoption. They preferred mother, school, and church. Simple multiple regression demonstrated that the variables taken together explained negligible variance in sex behaviors. Other than the finding that adolescents who had never attended church used contraception at an earlier age, religiosity was not associated with either knowledge of, efficiency of, or favorability toward contraceptive use. Results of this study can be used to design comprehensive health education and social programs that involve parents, youths, siblings, peers, church leaders, community groups, and school teachers. Although, the teenage pregnancy rate has been decreasing since , the number of babies fathered by males younger than 20 years remains high due to frequent sexual involvement, particularly in Black and Hispanic youths. The empirical results show, for both age groups, abortion demand is price inelastic and a normal good with respect to income. Thesis, Kansas State University. Participants included urban and mostly minority high school students from all four grades. PI] Lock, Sharon E. Decisions regarding what to do about their pregnancies were made with relatively little deliberation and influenced primarily by their mothers. The purpose of this study was to explore and describe the experiences of pregnant adolescent females. Rindfuss, and David K. Examined the attitudes of rural and urban adolescent girls toward family, religion, peer groups, premarital sex, ethnic prejudice, morality, and education. As hypothesized, children who reported at least monthly church attendance with their parents at age 10 or 11 are more likely to delay their first sex until at least age The intent of this analysis was to determine what variables were associated with making the transition from virgin to nonvirgin and to be able to predict which of these students are at risk of making this transition earlier than their other cohort members. Findings indicate that J identity is quite independent of J religiosity:

College students religion career sex questionaire

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