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I had no hospitality experience, but it was the same idea there. Again, we can rely on experience and some smart people on our teams, but it would be so much more effective if our CRM had that level of data available. And then, there is the digital marketing side, which is mainly me managing an agency that executes the marketing.


At that point, a friend of mine was starting a website development company. You should only get our marketing emails if you have requested them. So, as I continue to work at APEX now, my job has begun to shift from digital marketing to leading some of the strategies within the company with distribution and particularly direct distribution. What do you do and what was the path that led you not only into the hospitality industry but the career you have now? But how many are looking at their staff retention rate, staff recruitment costs, staff happiness and how those correlate with guest satisfaction, loyalty and lifetime value of a guest? But pretty much every company has got that data, that potential. What are your feelings on GDPR? Full Name — Your full name or a name to reference you by. In order to ensure a progressive resolution, be sure to write with clear intent. There are a lot of processes in hospitality that are time-consuming, repetitive, relatively simple tasks, and we should be finding better ways to do them more effectively leveraging technology. Those are above anything that we already offer across the group but still incredibly competitively priced for the market. Most still rely on agencies to lead their digital transformation. Our product is very strong. We took them from a brick and mortar store and built them an entire online distribution channel based on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Well, I loved video games, computers and technology in general as a kid. This really limits what decisions we can make around marketing campaigns and the kind of content we prioritise for those guests. I think some of the challenges are understanding why that is important. That was 10 years ago and a lot has changed since then. Along the way, I began to recognize I had to learn a lot more than just development. To expedite things during this time, you can state your inquiry to the representative even before one is able to take your request. Growing the lowest cost channel without increasing its costs relative to the alternatives. We are starting to try to get new technology that puts all of the data into one place. Failure to do so may result in delays when trying to retrieve your details. We want to really put pressure on our competitors and are really excited about bringing these to market. For instance, our Temple Court property in London is expanding.


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