Breaking up with a pisces man

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He wants a woman who he can tell all of his over the top stories to that will make her swoon. He has a fragile ego and using kindness and flattery while breaking up might be the best way to go. Pisces has such a convoluted psyche that all this will probably seem completely logical to him. Of course, if you want to end your affair on a nice note, you could do that in a couple of ways.

Breaking up with a pisces man

No one should have to deal with a roller coaster ride of emotion. Tears must flow, and it helps immeasurably to cry them willingly. There's no reason to care so much when she's just a temporary fling anyway, right? Even if there is no betrayal, this will be a turbulent breakup because of the high degree of emotional presence in both partners. Tell her you hate animals. He is protective of everyone he loves and is super in touch with their vulnerabilities, so if you bully "the weak", he will surely come to their defense and give you hell. Pisces man compatibility here again requires an understanding and emotionally in tune partner; dismissing his feelings at this point is just about the worst thing one could do. While it is crucial not to become hardened, Pisces does need to find a way to release toxic guilt. Unlike the Libra guy, when an Aries says he's over it, he really is. Did he ever hurt her or embarrass her? He doesn't have to pretend he's doing alright because he really is. Expect Strong Emotions The water element signifies emotions, deep currents of feeling, grief, longing, desire, nostalgic memories, and emotional attachments of all kinds. Contributor Pisces is an emotional zodiac sign and breaking up with him can be quite difficult because of his sensitive nature. He stresses about the relationship long after it's ended, choosing to live in the cold ashes of what they once had instead of setting out to start a new spark of emotion. If Pisces initiates the break-up, the guilt can be enormous. He knows the relationship is behind him but he definitely carries the regret and lessons with him for the rest of his life. Eventually they will feel everything, even if it means experiencing a similar betrayal from the victim side in a future relationship. Times are certainly tough for earth signs during breakups. It takes time for these two to withdraw from all areas of each other's lives, to develop solo identities, and to put their feet back on the ground. Because of guilt, a Pisces may remain too long in a relationship that doesn't meet the need for times of solitude and emotional recharge, dragging out the end and prolonging the messy stage of the breakup needlessly. How many times had she asked him to throw the trash and he forgot? He's going to pretend he couldn't wait for the relationship to be over and he's so excited to get back into dating random women for a while. It definitely takes a Taurus guy a lot longer than most to get over the breakup. Even if they see the breakup coming, Virgo men have some serious control issues and they don't like seeing the end of a relationship without some kind of explanation. It's only after he's reached a certain point in his life that he'll be ready to find the woman of his dreams, but until then, he figures he'll have a little fun first. Hates art, concerts, music, and humanities - This man loves art in all forms.

Breaking up with a pisces man

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  1. Even if they see the breakup coming, Virgo men have some serious control issues and they don't like seeing the end of a relationship without some kind of explanation. This sign is such a tender soul that the very idea of causing another pain is horrifying.

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