Bogarts woodbridge nj

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Reversed and remanded for a new trial on all issues as to the claims asserted against the hotel only. Here, although the case was by no means complex, the jury was expected to assimilate and apply the judge's oral legal instructions in rendering a multi-faceted verdict in this hotly disputed case. At trial, plaintiff claimed that the hotel and Allen had negligently maintained the parking lot. I explained that to you, ladies and gentlemen.

Bogarts woodbridge nj

Now, a plaintiff who is awarded a ver-dict is entitled to payment for medical ex-penses which were reasonably required for the examination, the treatment, and the care of injuries proximately caused by the defen-dant's negligence. I explained that to you, ladies and gentlemen. Plaintiff then went home. The significance of this error can only be understood in light of the evidence. You can't say someone was injured, but they're not entitled to any damages. But, if the judge felt he had previously erred on that point, he should have taken other steps, such as advising counsel that he was thinking of reversing himself, providing an opportunity to be heard, and, if necessary, striking the testimony. Did you recommend at that time any additional treatment for her? You have heard testimony on whether these medi-cal expenses were fair and reasonable in amount and whether they were reasonably necessary for the examination, the care, and the treatment of [plaintiff]. David Greifinger, an orthopedic expert, who testified he examined plaintiff in July and found no evidence of muscle spasms in her neck and no serious problems with her back. But such a mistake did not warrant the accusation that the jurors had acted "illegal[ly]" or in any manner other than good faith. In assessing what followed, we are unable to dismiss the likelihood that the jury ultimately rendered a monetary verdict merely to avoid further rebuke. In contemplating the jury's intentions in rendering its initial verdict, we are not convinced that it was simply mistaken as to how to apply the instructions on damages. The jury awarded nothing for plaintiff's pain and suffering, causing the judge to immediately declare that this was an "illegal verdict. At this point in the transcript, it is indicated that the "jury exits the courtroom. Trial judges are under an obligation to give comprehensible explanations of the relevant questions the jury must decide. Garfinkel testified about the "long-term" consequences of the problems around plaintiff's kneecaps "because she. The new trial we mandate, however, will not be limited to damages for the following reasons. Is there any doubt in your mind that she would need knee replacement surgery at some time in the future? The judge correctly rejected that contention, observing that Dr. The forty-six-year-old plaintiff also testified about the limitations on her life caused by her injuries, including her inability to dance, one of her favorite pastimes. These decisions demonstrate there is no blanket rule that renders erroneous all verdicts in which negligence and proximate cause are found but no damages for pain and suffering awarded. Plaintiff also called a liability expert, who testified, based upon his review of photographs and his examination of the parking lot, that the pothole was a "longstanding condition" at the hotel that existed months before the accident. All post-verdict motions were denied and plaintiff appealed. We lastly conclude, however, that what we have said about the need for a new trial on all issues, does not encompass the claims against Allen. Considering also that in a trial on less than all the issues a jury would likely have trouble understanding how to decide the proximate cause questions without a full understanding of why an earlier determination was made on negligence, we do not believe the interests of justice would be served by a new trial on only some of the issues previously tried. The amount of payment is a fair and reason-able value of such medical expense.

Bogarts woodbridge nj

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  1. He also claimed MRIs revealed no tear in the meniscus of either knee, and plaintiff's injuries were the result of degenerative conditions and not caused by her fall. The jury could not have been expected to interpret from these few emphasized and ambiguous words that an award of future medical expenses was permitted.

  2. Perhaps the jury misinterpreted the instructions or misunderstood how to complete the jury interrogatory. In ruling on the first three of these arguments, we conclude that a new trial is required.

  3. Tiedrich acknowledged the MRIs revealed degenerative problems that predated the fall, and that EMG and nerve conduction velocity tests revealed plaintiff was not experiencing some of the pain of which she complained.

  4. Plaintiff's counsel objected, to which the judge responded, "Yeah, I didn't put in a future medical expense charge. Here, the judge took neither step, but instead allowed the jury to consider the evidence about future medical expenses without giving guidance on what to do with it.

  5. The jury ultimately determined Allen was not negligent, and both plaintiff and the hotel were negligent.

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