Body language rubbing head

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Covering The Mouth The hand covers the mouth as the brain subconsciously instructs it to try to suppress the deceitful, or in other cases unintended, words that are being said. In simple terms, when we see, speak and hear lies or deceit, we are likely to attempt to cover our mouth, eyes or ears with our hands. This gesture is a signal of doubt or uncertainty and is characteristic of the person who says, "I'm not sure I agree. It doesn't matter if they're in the stadium or watching the match on TV in their living rooms. When you compliment someone for their great work, they might instantly assume this body language position and you can be sure that your compliment made them feel good about themselves.

Body language rubbing head

Pointing gestures The Mouth Guard The mouth guard is one of the few adult gestures that is as obvious as a child's. Evaluation Gestures Evaluation is shown by a closed hand resting on the chin or cheek, often with the index finger pointing upwards. If they slap their forehead, they signal that they are not intimidated by you mentioning their forgetfulness. Women Have More Talent Women are better at reading emotions, and therefore better at manipulating others with an appropriate lie. When you see a discomfort signal, think through the other comfort and discomfort signals you have seen, as well as the overall context. Since most people try to make eye contact, it becomes immediately obvious to others. It can make a huge difference in the way strangers respond to you. As he thought about the negative answer and of how the interviewer might react to it, he covered his mouth. Chin Stroking The next time you have the opportunity to present an idea to a group of people, watch them carefully as you give your idea and you may notice that most will bring one hand up to their face and use an evaluation gesture. It usually begins with the chin being supported by the thumb and then by the fist as interest wanes. Having negative thoughts Genuine interest is shown when the hand lightly rests on the cheek and is not used as a head support. Wiping Sweaty Hands onto Your Clothes — a sign of frantic nervousness. The Neck Scratch - In this case, the index finger of the writing hand scratches below the earlobe, or may even scratch the side of the neck. He used the Mouth Cover for several seconds before answering, then returned to his open pose. Rubbing eyes is the brain's attempt to block out the deceit, doubt or distasteful thing it sees, or to avoid having to look at the face of the person who is being lied to. Suddenly, a leopard from a nearby tree jumps on you! The hand covers the mouth and the thumb is pressed against the cheek as the brain sub-consciously instructs it to try and suppress the deceitful words that are being said. His uncertainty about the interviewer's possible reaction to the negative reply had resulted in the sudden Mouth Cover. When an adult doesn't want to look at something distasteful, the eye rub is likely to occur. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil People who hear bad news or witness a horrific accident will often cover their entire face with their hands to symbolically stop themselves from seeing or hearing the awful news. Distinguishing deceit, procrastination, boredom and evaluation gestures can be some of the most important observation skills you can learn. Once the person is giving off comfort signals again, then you know you have successfully put the conversation back on track. Narrowed eyes, a tense forehead, and tightened jaw muscles are small, subtle signs that an emotion is being suppressed. When you are watching thriller movies, TV shows or documentaries, and you come across a scene that shocks you, you might find yourself doing this gesture. Place your feet a comfortable distance apart, keep your shoulders pulled back, head up and greet people with direct eye contact and a firm handshake.

Body language rubbing head

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  1. A good salesperson senses when he is hitting his client's 'hot buttons' and finding out where the buyer's interest lies. This not only accounts for why people who are uncertain will scratch their neck, it presents a good explanation as to why some people use the Collar Pull when they lie and suspect they have been caught out.

  2. When a person puts a pen or a finger in their mouth after you've asked for a decision, it's a signal that he is unsure and reassurance is needed. I speak two languages, Body and English.

  3. Most, if not all the members of your audience will bring one hand up to their faces and begin to use evaluation gestures. American neurologist Alan Hirsch and psychiatrist Charles Wolf did an extensive analysis of Bill Clinton's testimony to the Grand Jury on his affair with Monica Lewinsky and found that, when he told the truth, he rarely touched his nose.

  4. Try this simple test - tell a deliberate lie to someone face-to-face and make a conscious effort to suppress all body gestures Even when your major body gestures are consciously suppressed, numerous small micro-expressions will still be transmitted. That could be a product of someone's parents using the gesture when he or she was a child.

  5. Other variations of tugging on the ear include rubbing the back of the ear, rubbing a fingertip back and forth inside the ear, pulling at the earlobe or bending the entire ear forward to cover the ear hole. Some people may also interpret it as a sign of egotism.

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