Black lesbian movies

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Not only will the drama encapsulate you, but it tackles issues that warrant more attention in the LGBT community. The characters are not only relatable but enjoyable. The Watermelon Woman The first feature film by a black lesbian, The Watermelon Woman tells the story of Cheryl, a young black lesbian who works at a video rental store. Bessie The true story of Bessie Smith — a queer s blues singer — is a stunner, with Queen Latifah bringing her to life. By no means, but it is a film that could help foster dialogue around these hot topic issues.

Black lesbian movies

It follows different aggressives, also known as AGs, and covers their experiences. Give it a try! After a passionate conversation, the friend stated that there needed to be a comprehensive list somewhere, thus below. Maybe it will shine a light on new topics, or at least bring nuance to some present ones. It did seem like it was attempting to bring to light topics that are somewhat frowned upon in the community, which was nice. The characters, issues, sex appeal, desperation, new opportunities, redemption, and insanity will keep you on the edge of your seat. Watch the first episode below. This will definitely be a film you can watch more than once. Chiron, seem through three different phases of life, struggles with being poor, black, gay, and forgotten. Paris Is Burning In this classic documentary about the voguing culture in New York City, the real-life stars pirouette past racism and homophobia. Tongues Untied Blending documentary and fiction, the film does not follow one specific character; instead, it aims to tell a larger, overarching story about the experience of black gay men. Celie overcomes racism and sexism and triumphantly finds herself in the process. My favorite storyline currently is the lesbian couple with a very dysfunctional relationship. This is one of the documentaries on my list that I regret having not watched yet. I do recall it unpacking the issue of infidelity. By no means, but it is a film that could help foster dialogue around these hot topic issues. The characters are not only relatable but enjoyable. Bessie's bisexual life is not forgotten in the Emmy-winning HBO film, thankfully. The story sees all of the characters at various moments in their life, each experiencing different but important events while in New York. It provided the opportunity for people to see her as more than a rapper. The Aggressives Quite the interesting documentary. Boop, know that if you ever feel lonely you are free to call me, lol!! Furthermore, the characters are believable and you truly become invested. However, my friends have good tastes, so I say check it out! The fact that this also includes some of my loves from back home, Chicago, is only an added bonus. It also features a host of other talents, with special attention being given to Temper. All I will say is give it a watch!

Black lesbian movies

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