Bill clinton sex life after president

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Just days before he left office, first lady Hillary Clinton was sworn in as the freshman senator from New York. Most journalists experience indelible moments that color our thinking long after the story moves on. He was willing to do the thing that was immoral but successful when it came to staying in office and surviving a scandal. Lewinsky refused to answer the question, and walked off the stage.

Bill clinton sex life after president

This week, however, Clinton continued to be asked direct questions about the power dynamics that were at play. Lying was proven to work in some way that has enabled further the cynical and divisive political culture of Washington. She said that she tried to look for jobs after graduating from the London School of Economics, but she was always turned away because of her past. Listen to the full conversation here. And in the end, we remember Bill Clinton as a gifted politician in part because he showed that he could overcome even a scandal such as this. And then he had the excesses of his political enemies, who clearly went too far. He was gifted at politics, whether you think he was a good person or not. Clinton, 71, has been criticized for responding in a manner many consider to be tone deaf. It was a tough story to write. Tripp reported the taped conversations to literary agent Lucianne Goldberg. Jay Leno cracked on The Tonight Show that Clinton was doing so well in the polls that he was already planning his next sex scandal. But the Jones lawyers blew it. So we have to give the devil his due. And it may well be because the politics are shifting that you could envision an article of impeachment that somehow makes reference to this conduct toward women. This was Lewinsky's first such interview in more than ten years. We had the tape; we had—I had been talking to Tripp for months. Do you think [having social media at the time] would have just accelerated the process and we all would have been in different camps, so Clinton would survive in this environment? I think he would agree with the part of the conversation that says there is a kind of a linear link between the politics of that year of scandal, , and politics as it exists today. And I think he would feel deeply aggrieved that rules and standards and media assumptions that got imposed upon him are seemingly imposed with no consequence—either not imposed or posed with no real consequences—on politicians that followed, including Trump. Do a poll for me. I would like to end on one point about just how complicated Bill Clinton is and his greatest strengths are his greatest weaknesses. You had Fox News. Supporters of Clinton have questioned her account by noting that, when Broaddrick testified about her alleged encounter with Clinton under oath, she denied having been raped by him. He put forth measures to reduce the federal budget deficit and also signed the North American Free Trade Agreement, which eliminated trade barriers between the United States, Canada and Mexico. What really struck me, reading those accounts 20 years later: During that year of partisanship and frenzy, he said, he first noticed non-journalistic voices, like The Daily Show, having as much power—and, in some ways, more power—than traditional media in setting the agenda and creating the prism through which politics is viewed. He also campaigned for his wife, who was elected to the U.

Bill clinton sex life after president

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  1. Or would it have meant the whole project would have erupted in flames within the first week? At the Washington Post, I had started work the week before as the deputy national editor for investigations.

  2. But I did say publicly on more than one occasion that I was sorry. Of course, as many have noted, it is hard to see how Donald Trump passes such a test either.

  3. And, as hard as it is to imagine surviving it, it is possible. He was gifted at politics, whether you think he was a good person or not.

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