Best social media apps android

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Instead of keeping you just up to date with your friends, Google Currents gives you news in a gorgeous magazine layout. You don't need to give out any contact details, and you might just meet the person to make your heart skip a tweet. See who was at where, at what time. WordPress is a website that lets you set up your own blog that you could practically do anything with. Includes the tools, tricks, and daily routines used by three world-class social media experts.

Best social media apps android

Think of it as a love child between Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress. Before we begin, though, do remember that the apps are listed in no particular order. What used to be a way for us to collect information and to easily access it has evolved in such a way that we can hardly live with being disconnected from other people. Make as many shortcuts as you like, for whatever purpose. You can see things like Twitter mentions and Facebook notifications. The Grammarly Keyboard app, which is available for both iOS and Android , lets you use a special keyboard that will automatically scan your content for misspellings and grammatical mistakes. The Evernote mobile app makes it easy to insert images, links, and videos so that you can brainstorm and plan your next great social campaign from every angle. You can also integrate your SMS and Facebook conversations on some devices, with support for others promised soon. LinkedIn LinkedIn, the professional network, is home to over million professionals from all over the world. It can be world politics, the latest developments in science or about the gadgets that matter to you. If you are already using LinkedIn, this app will help you to sync your calendar, profile information, connections, and contacts with your Android device. What social media apps keep you connected? The app lets you easily write new posts, edit content, and manage comments on your WordPress blog right from your Android device. Shares Top 10 social media apps for Android Entirely made-up research suggests there are now more social media apps than there are actual people willing to be friends with you — so how do you go about choosing the right apps to avoid smartphone social death? Using SoundCloud, you can browse and search user profiles and see followers. You don't need to give out any contact details, and you might just meet the person to make your heart skip a tweet. Tumblr Tumblr has been around for quite some time now, and the same can be said for the company's app, which is quite compelling these days. The iOS app also allows users to add a filter or logo to an image to ready it for sharing. As usual your only true friend, TechRadar, is here to guide you through, even if you don't know your FaceSpace from your MyTubes. Get ShortBlogger for Tumblr today to start tumbling wherever you go. UberSocial Another feature-packed Twitter client, the app formerly known as Twidroyd boasts a nifty "inner circle" option to prioritise tweets from your favourite users, plus menu customisation, in-app pics and videos, posting to Facebook, and support for tweets over characters. Tumblr If you like to blog and create content, Tumblr is the best way for you to get your word out on the internets. You can share not just your thoughts in a text post, pictures you took or drew, a recording of your voice or music that you like but also a whole lot more. Tumblr enables you to share photos, video, quotes, chats, links, and text all from your Android device. The app lets users enter keywords, hashtags, and URLs to track their performance across social platforms. WordPress is a website that lets you set up your own blog that you could practically do anything with. Facebook Home The leading social network has a standard app , but this takes things a step further, replacing your homescreen with Facebook's familiar news feed, so you can see what your friends are up to as soon as you pick up your phone.

Best social media apps android

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  1. Offering support for LinkedIn, Foursquare and others, it's powerful but slightly stuffy, as its owlish logo implies. Download from Google Play 9.

  2. If you like what you see, tap the heart icon to like it. You can access pretty much everything you need through tabs up top, though there are additional options available on the side, of course.

  3. Hootsuite Enhance Hootsuite Enhance is a photo editing tool for social media. The Snapchat app had introduced somewhat different interaction with people, which is what makes it so popular.

  4. Designed to run in the background while you do other things, it's a great way to avoid achieving any of them. Finally, you can even use Voxer to create group messages with all of your friends.

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