Best rap wedding songs

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Now That We Found Love would also be a great intro song for the wedding party. We got to thinking and decided to narrow down the list to our favorite wedding songs from that list. A string quartet or a Jimi Hendrix cover band probably needs more space and power supply than a DJ, so hiring a DJ may open up your venue options. The genre was sonically engineered to make every person—everyone—feel great.

Best rap wedding songs

But there is something magical about all of your guests slurring their way through a well-known tune. This is the newest Hip Hop song on the list. Bust A Move has been a time tested dance song to fill wedding dance floors. FUNK What would my wedding have been like without the sounds of the electric bass guitar? The year the song was released is noted with the rank on the VH1 Hip Hop songs list. If you just need to give your DJ or wedding band a little inspiration, these are the names to drop. Ladies First would make a great bouquet toss song. Best Wedding Songs for Line Dancing The songs proven to get your grandma on the dance floor or summon her spirit. This a great upbeat song to fill dance floors. Fortunately, we do offer this boogie-licious disco playlist full of wedding songs guaranteed to burn the mother down. Jump-start their human boogie bones with this party fuel. Wait your turn, guy. It may offend some. I Need Love is considered the first rap ballad. In Da Club rose to 1 on the Billboard charts and will definitely get wedding guests in the mood to dance. To get the best boogie for your buck, be sure you add the best tracks from each genre to your playlist. This is a great song for the garter removal or for the garter placement. We love this stupid playlist! DJ DJs have all the greats right at their fingertips. George Strait and Shania Twain obviously made our playlist of Country and Americana wedding songs, but we had to give some love to modern country, too. We could not leave out a song from one of the most influential women in Hip Hip history. A great collaboration between Hip Hop and Rock all-stars. A classic slow song that rose to 14 on the Billboard charts. Hot In Herre is also a fast tempo song to fill dance floors. With a fast tempo beat, wedding guests will want to bust a move to this song. Neither do any of the other tracks we recommend putting to bed. Let your rainbow flag fly with these tunes.

Best rap wedding songs

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