Best love match for a taurus

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If they find things in common, their relationship is as solid as a rock! Aquarius thinks broadly in humanitarian terms while Taurus is more concerned with its immediate environment. What brings them together is their materialistic side. Taurus and Virgo could work out really well together, if they're both willing to be trusting and vulnerable.

Best love match for a taurus

A surprisingly sexy partnership too, this one, with sensuality only increasing as the couple mature together. But since this sensual sign is ruled by love-planet Venus, divine love is their ultimate mission. Match me with Taurus. Sure the Bull loves to chase and charge after their romantic interests. However, the sociable Taurus can find Virgo too rigid and fearful. However, Libras can be extremely social while Taureans prefer the comforts of home. You'll teach the sheltered Virgo all about sexuality, tenderness and love. You will find them vain and shallow while they will find you boring and closed off. A Cancer partner is someone you can build an entire lifetime with. However, if both individuals maintain separate interests and find a way to curb their possessive Taurean tendencies, this could certainly be a union built to last. Taurus' possessiveness is bound to rattle Aquarius' love of freedom. The independent and free-spirited Sagittarius sometimes presents a risk for the loyal Taurus woman. Therefore, this match has work to do. Taurus and Cancer will dream of starting a family and establishing a family home, although one of the serious downfalls of this pairing could be the fact that they become too consumed in each other. Aquarians love to go with the moment, while Taureans prefer to keep life neatly planned. They are brilliantly peaceful and enjoy the simple pleasures in life together. Consulting a psychic helps the Bull determine whether the Archer is truly committed. For this reason, they should live peacefully together. Should Taurus decide that you are their person, prepare to be pursued with dogged devotion and ardent gestures of admiration. If Scorpio and Taurus can find a way to become more tolerant of one another, think before they act, and give each other sufficient room to move, this union has a chance. Your strengths will be your partner's weaknesses and vice versa. Finding love is difficult for the practical Taurus woman but consulting a psychic helps this stubborn bull discover her true love match. You'll both be very critical of one another and feel very insecure in yourself. You are both looking for a successful long-term relationship that will last forever, and you could definitely find that with a Capricorn! Conflict turns to intense passion in the bedroom for the Bull and the Lion but often isn't enough to make up for incompatibility.

Best love match for a taurus

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  1. The Taurus woman is slow to adapt to change, and by the time this duo figures things out, the flighty Aquarius may be on the way out.

  2. Taurus' materialistic side can annoy more low-key zodiac signs such as Sagittarius and Aquarius. Taurus April 20 — May 20 When two Bulls get together, their compatibility in the bedroom provides for a satisfying sexual relationship.

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