Becoming human worksheet

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What is a common ancestor? What is a paleoecologist? What is a paleoecologist? What do the various indentations in the cave represent?

Becoming human worksheet

What are the 3 principles of scientific thinking? Students will understand the process that is used to collect fossils and determine relationships among extinct species with a focus on the evolution of the hominid species. Where are most Neanderthal fossils found? Bipedalism requires anatomical changes in bone structure to allow walking upright. After watching the video in the prologue, list three questions you have about human evolution. Name one difference between the skeleton of a chimpanzee and a human that aids humans in walking upright. Prologue Evidence Anatomy Lineages Culture You can use these links to easily navigate to the different sections. Answers will vary Evidence 2. What is a paleoecologist? Modern traits arose in some populations and spread to other through genetics. Finding fossils can be difficult, name 4 locations on the earth where significant hominid fossil finds occur. Compare the "Out of Africa Theory" to the "Multiregional Theory" -Out of Africa — one local group of humans spread out of Africa and replaced all other human populations as it spread out. Each section of this activity requires you to visit one of the areas at the site, watch video clips and explore multimedia. Evidence - Related Exhibits 5. Person who attempts to recreate the ecological environment of our ancestors in a place during the prehistoric period. We must study the anotomical features such as teeth, skull and skeleton The age — study teeth and bones The sex — males are larger, females are smaller, female pelvis are generally smaller The health — study skeletons which show diseases, fractures, dislocations Anatomy 8 What is the closest living relative to the human? The scientific method begins with an observation, information drawn from these observations rests on the principles of scientific thinking. People who live in areas that have high ultraviolet radiation have more melanin which blocks some radiation preventing skin cancer but allowing enough to produce vitamins D Culture Iliac blades are different in both these species…. Where is Hadar and why is it significant? Notice the top menu bar which has the listing of the areas: What cultural beliefs exist in regards to the human body after death? Suggest one reason why Neanderthals became extinct. The video can be watched as a class or as an individual activity at home or in the computer lab. Access the website at www. What do the various indentations in the cave represent?

Becoming human worksheet

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  1. The answers to the following questions can be found within the exhibits, you may have to search for them, the words in bold may give you clues about where to search.

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