Banana boat clearwater

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The first thing I noticed is that the Banana Boat is larger than I expected. There's mention of an additional Car Bar on the sign out front, which is a second, loosely racing-themed bar in the back of the building. Backlit Italian glass blocks provide a retro glow that completes the gleeful arbitrariness of the decor.

Banana boat clearwater

The Banana Boat has clearly been around for a while, as evidenced by the wealth of knick-knacks and decorations that have accumulated over the years. Beerwise, you're looking at the typical dive brews: It's not particularly exciting, but that's par for the course. That's the paradox of the dive bar: On the night I went, the jukebox was a hot commodity, with an improbably diverse soundtrack ranging from Adele, to TI, to Meat Loaf four songs in a row for Mr. There are carved-wood football team logos, posters from classic films like Casablanca and Gone With the Wind, poker-themed old-timey bar lamps, paintings of golfers and, of course, a number of ancient promotional beer signs. The whiskey selection wasn't terribly high-end, but there were many options to choose from, covering a nice range of American classics: I noticed a few oddities, like a bottle of Ouzo that was apparently a special request from a patron who enjoys doing shots of the stuff. If I had to estimate the number of times I've driven by, it would be more than a thousand. The first thing I noticed is that the Banana Boat is larger than I expected. The liquor selection was not bad. That makes it all the more strange that I've never set foot inside the New Banana Boat, a bar that's been in operation just a few miles from my house for the decade-plus that I've been living in it. January 20, Updated: There are a couple of house wines. Part of the reason likely is because the New Banana Boat looks like any old locals' dive. It's not that I'm lazy, it's just that I tend to notice bars in areas that I pass through frequently. You can only extol the merits of such places in so many ways before you run out of things to say. It's undoubtedly a bargain, but these drinks are pretty stiff to be ordering three at a time! It's not a fancy cocktail bar by any means, but there are more than enough spirits to produce a respectable variety of simple, quality drinks. Most of the regulars come for the generous happy-hour specials, to shoot pool or to sing karaoke. From the street, it looks like a cramped, smoky dive, but it's actually pretty spacious inside, with each of its two bars offering ample seating, as well as a number of lamp-lit booths along the walls. On the downside, it fits into the not-much-to-say category. January 20, at With the front and back doors open, the interior didn't even seem very smoky, though my clothes told a different story the day after. Petersburg base barring the Gulf of Mexico, which is pretty dead in terms of bar scenes. Yet I had no idea what was inside. But the New Banana Boat is almost close enough to be my neighborhood bar; I couldn't leave it a mystery any longer.

Banana boat clearwater

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