Bait and switch relationship

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How do we manage to pick the partner who has just the right size arrow to hit our achilles heel? But none of this is unusual or grounds for divorce. Waiting for any sign the cards we hold close to our chest, the depth and capacity for love we suppress just below the surface, could one day be reciprocated. We invite our romantic interest to share with us and open up. And it may take time, distance, and reflection to realize what that answer truly is.

Bait and switch relationship

Unlike the narcissist, most people want to believe that people they know are generally decent and reasonable. How do we manage to pick the partner who has just the right size arrow to hit our achilles heel? As we see this, we realize, the feeling we felt falling in love is actually an enduring love that lives within each one of us, and the only thing that can separate us from that love is our own insecure, negative thoughts. Over time I have become so adept at keeping my emotions in check, of not pulling out the crazy, of not becoming a psycho bitch with men I date that when I do eventually voice a concern about maintaining the status quo and, admittedly, not always as eloquently as I would theoretically like , I am often met with shock and surprise, even dismay, when I do. We are now left viewing them under the harsh glare of fluorescent lights that accentuate every character flaw and give the impression of weaknesses that don't even exist. This gives the narcissist the tools necessary to coerce someone into doing what the narcissist wants rather than face a confrontation, be disappointing, or be considered difficult and unkind. We have an innate intelligence inside of us that point us in the direction of learning. All too often women, confusing the two, deflect. From this perspective, we see that the outside circumstances are not the source of our suffering. I want to be clear. And whether disappointment sets in or a couple grows closer from the experience ultimately becomes the deciding factor that sets the potential for a deep relationship apart from what can only be described as a more superficial and, as such, fleeting interaction. The dynamic that follows is inevitably different. We then have the opportunity to walk through the illusion that another person has the power and capacity to hurt us. After all, no guy I have ever met indicated his desire to spend an evening with a woman unrelentingly lamenting about her ex, the job she hates, her misbehaved children , her monetary woes, the dismal dating scene, and whatever other stresses keep her awake at night. Most of us have, at one time or another, felt the euphoria of "being in love". It might last for two minutes, two days, two weeks, two months, or two years, and then like a thief sneaking out under cover of darkness, the feeling disappears along with the rose colored glasses we saw our partner through. In other words, play it cool. We can never be hurt by our partner, even when we are hurting. This puts you into a situation where it feels like it is your fault and mean to reject them, disagree with them, or walk away. When we see our partner differently, it is not a reflection of them changing. Generally, you are left feeling confused and a bit shamed. There can be no end to our sense of emptiness and incompleteness. The problem is I do not agree with the teaching. The emotional manipulation keeps you off kilter, removing your perspective, lest you regain your bearings and focus. Not the romantic love where I thought all my wants and needs were going to be met by my husband, but an unconditional love, in which I know the more I share the love in my heart with him, the more deeply I will experience the love that is my true nature.

Bait and switch relationship

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  1. Likely they will use both of these methods to cement your attachment to them and close off your retreat, making you feel it would be too painful for them.

  2. We have an innate intelligence inside of us that point us in the direction of learning. I strongly advocate for safety and common sense.

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