Aries and gemini compatibility chart

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You'll love the sexual directness and inhibition of your partner, and will find yourself becoming increasingly daring to keep pace see my book suggestion above for Aries if you haven't already, and make sure they buy it! Neither of you is overly emotional, needy or jealous, and Aries will shrug off the things that other signs might criticize you for. The key difference between your elements is that air signs tend to be more cool, detached and cerebral, while fire signs are more impulsive, emotional and expressive.

Aries and gemini compatibility chart

In this astrology love match there should be no shortage of fun dates and plans. Fire heats up the chilly air, and fire signs help air signs warm up and take chances. This much excitement should be followed by enough rest and time spent at home. Gemini Aries Sex Aries are both exciting and often verbal lovers, both aspects you'll appreciate and enjoy. Aries is passionate, ruled by Mars and possibly very jealous. Neither of you want to be tied down or make a commitment too early in a relationship, but this relationship is exciting enough that neither of you will want to stray! Gemini can often be a bit too flirty with others as well. This is a pair that will always boast of high octane energy and unpredictability. Friendship and communication are the hallmarks of this aspect. Don't be surprised if you leave a trail of started projects, each replaced by something bigger and better. A meeting of two beautiful minds, this relationship promises to be an intellectually stimulating one. You're a physical person and your Gemini is an intellectual person, making for a great team in this area. This match will run into problems if Gemini is too flirtatious with others. Aries will want to confront the matter while Gemini will want to avoid both the conflict and the situation as a whole. Your signs are sextile , or two signs apart. The cardinal sign will have to be more down-to-earth and less judgmental at times—and stop trying to make over the mutable mate! After all, differences push you both to grow and step outside of your own experience. Aries wants to experience things and Gemini wants to discuss them. If you would like to explore this further please see the compatibility readings page. Whether it is forging a new pathway or jumping headfirst into something new, Aries will lead the way. On the negative side, Aries can also be quite brutish and stubborn. Their ability to work together as a single unit. They value intelligence and passion, and similar to their opposite sign of Sagittarius , they often have a love for travel. Gemini and Aries compatibility is a lot like that — this is a couple who constantly seem to be on the verge of splitting up, but who surprise everyone by still being together year after year. An Aries is drawn to the wit and intelligence of the Gemini, while the latter falls for the confidence and strength of the former. Because of their different approaches, Aries and Gemini work great in tandem — they get their points across in different ways, but they definitely get those points across.

Aries and gemini compatibility chart

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